Putting Comics on My Radar

When I reflect back on my childhood, it is clear that comics were never my thing. What’s not clear, however, is why they weren’t my thing. The only explanation I can gather is that they were my sister’s thing, thus I felt too mature for them and wanted no part of the childish picture books. My sister and I decided at a very young age that we were (still are, in fact) polar opposites, and to the young Katie and Annie this meant we could only like things the other hated. As juvenile as it sounds, it wasn’t until we had both gone off to college that we realized we had more interests in common than we ever allowed ourselves to imagine.

Perhaps I should file comics under the list of things I really should give a try. I enjoyed Y: The Last Man much more than I expected. As cheesy as it sounds, it was just like watching a movie for me. Every action and facial expression was so clear that I could move through the text without stopping to make stylistic decisions in my head. As someone who is often too lazy to read as much as I should, comics could be a good alternative.

Finding a comic I might enjoy proved to be a little harder than I expected. I do not particularly enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, or any sort of made up realities. The comic I found that I think I would enjoy is Ice Cream & Sadness: More Comics from Cyanide & Happiness by Kris Wilson. It is very simple stick figures acting out very simple humor. After reading the first few pages of the book, I can tell that the jokes are fairly vulgar, but I already laughed audibly a couple times (and no one is around so I do not believe I am simply laughing to prove that I understand the humor, as Klosterman might suggest).

This actually looks pretty funny...

I do not think the jokes would be nearly as funny in a book, because if you had to describe the silly actions of the stick figures, it would take away from the simple nature of the jokes. These are jokes that are meant to be told in a couple sentences and pictures. Any extra words would just take away from the hilarity. 

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