The Coolest Comic Connoisseur

As a kid, reading never seemed appealing. Especially books with LOTS of words. Books with pictures, on the other hand, now that’s what I called reading! I was an avid reader of the comic book Archie. Anytime my Mom or Dad would be going to the nearest grocery store, I was always up for going to get the latest Archie. I would read the comic in its entirety in only mere hours, and I absolutely loved the stories!

The only other comics that I really was interested and enjoyed reading were those in the Sunday newspaper. They were short and sweet, full of color and cheesy punch lines. I mostly remember enjoying Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, and The Family Circus. Each of these were easy for me to both read and understand. Other than Archie and the Sunday paper comic strips, though, I was not exposed to any of the more popular comic books such as Superman or Batman. As an adult now, I have drifted away from reading comics and have drifted back to normal readings with lots of words.

Reading Y: The Last Man has really pulled me out of my long comic slump and brought back the joy that comics used to bring me as a kid. I am so interested in reading the rest of the series and finding out what happens to the male astronaut when he gets back to Earth! I found the actual storyline of Y: The Last Man to be the most attractive. It was very creative and instantly grabbed my attention after only reading the summary. I just had to find out what would happen if all male beings on Earth suddenly died one day. Maybe it’s because I am a woman and would love nothing more than to be in complete control after decades of hiding behind men and their successes that a woman had already previously done or had the ability to do, but I digress.

The Losers comic book cover. It is a series that I may have an interest in reading.

After doing a bit of research about “adult comics,” a series that I would personally be interested in reading the series The Losers. Published by the same publisher as Y: The Last Man, it is a comic that is based around the War on Terror. Having been active duty in the military for the past three years, I obviously have a certain tendency to be drawn towards military related things; this comic book being an example. Basically, this book is about a Special Forces team that is integrated with the CIA and the leader of the team betrays his fellow subordinates and leaves them to die after they are finished with their operation. Those “losers” are on a mission for revenge and to remove their names from a CIA death list, and they go on their mission by performing covert operations against the CIA. A more complete summary of the series can be found on Wikipedia.

Overall, comics have been a part of my life since I was a kid. They weren’t a HUGE part, but they were a part nonetheless. I have really enjoyed reading Y: The Last Man and I intend to finish off the rest of the series. I would also like to look into reading The Losers and see how it compares to the other comics that I have read.

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