True Life: I am a comic newbie.

I do not remember while growing up if I ever read a comic book. I had nothing against them or anything, it just I wasn’t exposed to them. I mean if I could go back and read some, would I? I honestly do not think I would. I have no doubts some would strike my interest, but I do not think that without some exposure it would have changed my outlook today. Thus, Y: The Last Man was the first comic I read ever and fully. I will honestly say that I was not a big fan of it, but it was readable and for the most part I read all of it. The closet things to comics that I read are the comics in the newspaper. Even then, my friends would say, “Jeremy read this, it’s funny!” I do not remember that I actually opening up the newspaper and frantically trying to find that comic section to read Garfield or Calvin and Hobbs.

If picture books can be slightly considered as comics then sure I have. My favorite picture book is The Little Prince. I got this as a birthday gift when I turned 10. I read it then, but I didn’t get he full message of the book. It is a French book, which my uncle loves to quote.

Book cover of The Little Prince

It is about growing up, hitting obstacles, and overcoming them. This little prince travels everywhere, from different places on earth to other planets, meeting different animals and people.  These encounters leads to experiences that even today when I glance at it, it teaches me life lessons. I reencountered this book again in high school. I studied French all four years, and my senior year we read this book, this time in French. I feel in original version, in French, it much more moving and beautifully written. I still read it today and by far one of my favorite books.

Like a I said, Y: The Last Man was my first, “legit” comic books I have read. Slightly off my topics of interests, but I read it. It grew on me after falling asleep on it, but that’s is my fault. The concept was interesting. I have never thought what the world would be men. I was thinking just walking around campus, if was the “last man,”  and just how unbalanced our world would be. Described in a comic book review I found the author states, “society shattered as some of the most competent people in the military, government, law enforcement, and the like all died. It also showed that, as time went on, society re-established itself, not necessarily the same as it was pre-death of everything with a Y-chromosome, but developing into something functional.” A reoccurring theme is this apocalyptic theme, but I feel this comic took a different approach adding the theme of gendercide. We have seen film of the “the last person” left, which is usually a male, but why is that? I have never actually thought of this, but while writing this I am thinking there are very few apocalyptic movies that a female is left standing. One does come to mind, “V for Vendetta.”

I am going to take a different approach to which comic I would read. Since I am an amateur in the comic book reading hobby, I want to start with something my Dad read growing up. He read The Adventures of Tintin. I remember going back to France a couple years ago, and he was looking and talking about it. My uncle has the whole collection. He has a wall of theme actually. Again, I never knew the hype of this, and I wonder why my Dad never passed it on to me. There is a movie coming of Tintin. I am sure I will not be able to read the anthology of Tintin before the release, but I am interested in watching it!

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