A Little Comic Relief

Before reading Y: The Last Man the only experience I have ever had with comics was a news paper comics phase I went through when I was in sixth grade and the Marvel comic movies like Spiderman and Watchmen. I thought it was really cool in sixth grade to read the comic section in the news paper everyday for about three months, then I got bored with it because they started getting repetitive and boring. Of course I have seen most of the movies based off of comics. In fact, my aunt (a costume designer) and uncle (an executive producer) both worked on all the X-Men, Watchmen, and Fantastic Four movies so I got pretty into those when they were in production and when they came out just because I had family behind the scenes but never actually read any of the comics. The first actual comic book I have ever read was Y: The Last Man

I was skeptical of Y: The Last Man at first but by the end of the book I was definitely looking forward to reading the second edition. In fact, although I am a little embarrassed to admit it, I already ordered the second edition of Y: The Last Man and I cannot wait to find out what happens next. It was a strange and somewhat unbelievable story but I kind of liked that. It was definitely a thriller, I kept reading the whole way through for three hours straight because I had to figure out what happened next after each section. I also liked that it was comical and a little bit raunchy. The plot of the story is so serious so it’s nice that there is a lot of comedy involved in it as well. I have to admit I am very anxious to find out what happens in the second edition. I am also a little embarrassed I just shared that with the entire class.

I suppose I am embarrassed to admit this because comics and people who read them are usually made out to be somewhat nerdy. After doing some research on some of the comics that are available these days I definitely believe in that stero type a bit more now. Obviously not all people that read comics are “nerdy” or “weird” but I have to assume that quite a few of them are. There are a lot of really bizarre comics out there and somebody has to be reading them. I downloaded Comixology for my iphone and I am able to browse through different genres of comics with the application. I found some really strange looking comics (like anime porn and satanic comics to name a few). Reading the summaries of some of the comics makes me concerned that there are actually people out there that read these.

While browsing though the “Mature” genre looking for more adult-aimed comics I came across a comic that looked interesting but ultimately pretty stupid. However I noticed it was created by Ziggy Marley (with help from Joe Casey, Jim Mahfood, and Justin Stewart) which gave it a great redeeming quality since I am a big fan of Ziggy and the other Marleys. The comic is called Marijuanaman (surprise, surprise!) and it is about a hero who fights for the use of “good natural weed over the use of a synthetic mood altering pill that an evil pharmaceutical company is pushing.” If you’d like to read more about it you can read this review from the “Weekly Comic Book Review.” I would definitely read this comic book if it was given to me, I don’t know if I would pay $16.00 for it but it definitely looked entertaining. For now I will stick to my Y: The Last Man that’s on it’s way in the mail.

The cover of Ziggy Marley's "Marijuana Man"

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