CoMiC BoOkS!!!!

I have to be honest, I was a comic book virgin before entering this class. I was quite skeptical of comic books. I thought they were just pictures and about super heros. I have no interest in Superhero adventures. I think it’s extremely unrealistic. I don’t even like Spiderman the movie or the musical even though it has really cool special effects. This article describes the elements in the musical. It’s cool to live in fantasy land for a moment here and there but not for a whole series. Also I didn’t think comic book stores existed. I have only heard about them in movies such as Daddy Day Care and Hey Arnold. However when they did exist, the store was probably really neat.

Y: The Last Man really opened up my eyes about comic books. I didn’t know there were books geared toward grown ups. I thought it was interesting how the main premise of the story was the disappearance of dudes. I thought it was so random. Then I figured the true meaning of the story could be gender equality or party equality. For example, the woman who lived in the land of escaped prisoners fixed the electricity without any help from men. Also government came into play when the republican legislators wives fought against Yorik’s mother outside the White House.

I really liked Y: The Last Man. I couldn’t put the book down. (Which is strange!) I was really interested in how all the different stories unfolded to tie into one big story. There were a lot of characters. I hated the Amazons. They made women look really bad because they were so mean to other women. Yorick’s sister was the most vicious of them all. She was even going to kill her brother. I thought it would have ended in a happy way but instead all the Amazonians ended up in prison. It was upsetting. I didn’t really get the other country’s government trying to look for Yorick but that plot wasn’t really a big deal in the end.

Yorick and his male monkey try to save the world in Y: The Last Man.

So I was researching for a comic book and came upon Chew. This comic is geared toward an adult population. Detective Tony Chew has a unique ability. He gets psychic impressions when he takes a bite out of something. For example, if he were to take a bite out of produce, he would be able to tell where the product was grown and what farmer grew it. Because of this fantastic ability, Detective Chew is encouraged to take a bite out of dead victims in order to tell how the victim died and who was the killer. It is really a quite interesting plot line. The whole biting people thing is a little gross but if it solves the case than I am all for it.

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I am a Trinity University freshman and enjoy playing volleyball!
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