Honestly, I’ve was never really into reading comic books growing up as a child. I do in fact remember, and actually still do, owning this large, hardback comic book of Snoopy–with all the adventures it entails– but never actually sitting down and taking the time to read it. After reading Y: The Last Man, my perception of comics has entirely changed. I’ve always just assumed all comics involved the action figure/ superhero/ villain type of plot, but that’s a bit of a hasty generalization now. After reading Y: The Last Man, I really enjoyed how realistic it was, but at the same time the whole science fiction aspect of it was also interesting as every man unexplainably becomes extinct.

Y: The Last Man consists of a multitude of genres, including humor, action, romance, and suspense, all integrated throughout the storyline. I enjoyed it very much because it was kind of like watching a movie (at certain points sometimes even better) as your imagination takes a whole new level of interpreting each character and what one would expect them to sound like, etc. Following the journey of Yorick and his monkey definitely make for an entertaining read. The open- ended ending makes me want to read a sequel to this graphic novel, and has even sparked my interest into maybe reading comic books more often.After researching several more graphic novels off of Google’s browser, I stumbled upon, which is considered New York’s Best Seller, A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge, by Josh Neufeld. What initially attracted me towards this comic book was that it is based off of true stories from six New Orleanian survivors after Hurricane Katrina hit the coast of Florida in 2005. Hurricane Katrina is such a tragically devastating, yet memorable event in the history of our country as it is rated as one of the five worst natural disasters to occur in the U.S.

The comic book takes us through the life of each of these individuals who  were actual victims to such an uncontrollable force that hit the city of New Orleans. This seems like it would be an interesting graphic novel to read, not only because it has to do with a recent part of our history, but because it seems like it would become a more personal story when hearing about the event through the eyes of several individuals who were actually there. I hope to read this in the near future, as well as start reading a couple of other graphic novels–maybe it’s about time I finally read that Snoopy comic book collecting dust on my bookshelf.

Comic excerpt from "A.D.: New Orleans After Deluge"Graphic novel that recounts the events through the eyes of real Katrina survivors.

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