Comics Connection

I love comic books. Comic books have been a part of my life for quite a while now. When I was about 8 years old, my dad took me with him to a comic shop, and introduced me to the comic universe. I don’t remember which comics I grabbed first and read, but I have been reading them ever since. I love both comic universes, Marvel and DC, although I tend to favor Marvel somewhat(check out the link if you don’t know which is which). I have collected a few comic books from both distributors. I used to own several collect worthy editions of The Amazing Spider Man, as well as some other more obscure comics, such as Spawn and Alien vs Predator.

Comics have always been a way to connect with my family. My dad collected comics for a good while, as did my brother. It was something that brought us together and gave us something to talk about. Even when we get together now, we sometimes venture to the random comic shop in San Antonio to check out what’s new. If you ever feel brave enough to venture into one of these nerd sanctuaries, check out Heroes and Fantasies, one of the few remaining comic shops I know of in San Antonio.

I really enjoyed Y: The Last Man. It had an interesting story, a moderate amount of action, and a little bit of humor. The illustrations were skillfully drawn and colored. The comic possessed likable characters that were believable, giving it the key element comics need: characters with which the reader can associate with and make themselves. I cheated and checked Wikipedia for a synopsis of the rest of the story. Although I would love to read the rest, I know myself better than to expect me to first find the books, and second sit down and read them.

One comic I hope to read is Johnny The Homicidal Maniac. I don’t know how better to describe this comic series than exactly what is in the Book Description for “Johnny The Homicidal Maniac follows the adventures of Johnny (you can call him Nny), who lives with a pair of styrofoam doughboys that encourage his madness, a wall that constantly needs a fresh coat of blood, and–oh, yeah–his victims in various states of torture. Join Nny as he frightens the little boy next door (Todd, known to fans of Vasquez’s work as Squee), thirsts for Cherry Brain Freezies, attempts suicide, draws Happy Noodle Boy, and tries to uncover the meaning of his homicidal existence.” My best friend read this and raves about how good it is. I have always been interested but a little wary of it. I am familiar with some of the authors other work: Invader Zim. Jhonen Vasques created Invader Zim,the kids show about an alien sent to conquer the Earth, but is a complete failure at doing so. The show was artfully illustrated, but in a creepy way. The lighting and character details were not what you would expect for a kids show. The story likewise was not exactly suitable for children. There is an episode where

An illustration from Invader Zim showing an example of t he artwork

people are being turned into meat for the burger restaurant. It shows people as kind of pigs in a “funny” way, but when you think about it, is pretty dark. I have been hesitant to read the comic series just based on what Vasqeuz has created for kids. But I still want to read it, if not to have another level of friendship with my best friend. Comics have always been able to provide that.

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