comics for kids…yeah right! they’re for me too!

Comics, before this class were a type of entertainment that had honestly never caught my attention, and never would’ve though ordering one of amazon for my own entertainment was going to happen, but now both have those have been proven wrong. The extent of my comic reading prior to this class consisted of garfield…like everyone else. I was never one to explore the comic section of the paper, or beg my mom to buy me…a picture book, because those are what children’s comics are closely related to, and my mom wasn’t a picture book kind of mom.

What truly opened my mind to comics was Y: The last man. After reading it I realized that comics have a completely different way of relaying the intended message. It was very enjoyable reading the dialogue, and following along with the illustrations, and it was a much different approach than reading page after page of text and visualizing the scenes with your imagination. It upsets me knowing that if I would have  gotten into comics before this class, I would have been better informed, and I would have had background information on comics. Still I am glad that Y: The Last Man caught my attention and persuaded me into buying a comic for my own entertainment.

The comic that I have researched, and am actually going to read is called A.D.: New

This is a strip from the book from the time when the hurricane was initially making landfall.

Orleans After the Date. This particular comic journeys into what six of the survivors of hurricane Katrina went through before the storm, during the storm, and after the storm. I feel like one of the reasons I am drawn to this specific comic is that I was born and raised in New Orleans, and there were countless times that my family found ourselves packing up and fleeing the city due to an incoming hurricane. Thinking what life would be like if I was in the character’s position make me more intrigued to read the comic, and follow along with the journey that probably continues to haunt them daily.

For being one who was fairly dead set on not getting into comics i have changed my views on them completely since taking this course, and reading the required comics. I have not only been to enjoy them more, but i have also been able to understand why comics grab readers attention versus why traditional text books don’t. If the above comic book catches your attention, and you may want to add it to your comic collection, it can be purchased on amazon for a very reasonable price. Hopefully comics will continue to grab my attention, and that i will continue to invest the time to read and enjoy them.

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