Is This Real Life?

In general, my experience with comics is pretty nonexistent. While growing up, I was never a fan of cartoons, so I think that spread to my opinions of comics. Not only did I not surround myself by the comic world, but I think that since I have two sisters, and no brothers, that we as a family were never introduced to the books. My dad actually is a nerd,but I’m not surprised he did not read comics because he was busy burying his nose in medical journals. I even was not influenced by Sunday morning newspaper comics! We rarely got the paper, so the only times I saw them was when we visited my grandparents, which unfortunately was rare.

At the time, comics were not a big deal to me. Now, however, I wish I had entertained myself a bit more with the books. I remember that I had an amazing imagination as a child, and I still do even now, but for some unknown reason, I always preferred television shows, movies, and books with nonfiction material. That being said, I had to really open myself up to the idea of reading Y: The Last Man. Besides the fact that someone was requiring me to read it, I really enjoyed the comic!

I will acknowledge that it was a bit strange, relatively gory, and more sexual than I’d prefer, but the story line and pictures really captivated me. One thing I now realize, which I wish I did before, is that comics are an easy read. Yet at the same time, you can learn so much through the images. Another thing to note is that Y: The Last Man was as nonfiction as you can make a comic book. There were no superheroes, magical powers, or alternative universes. The conflict could definitely become reality in our world. This may also be why I appreciated it more than I thought I would. So thank you, Professor Delwiche, for assigning the comic.

Through my Google research, I came across the DC Comic website. Here is where I found an interesting title and image of a famous comic, unbeknownst to me, The Sandman,

The Sandman

written by Neil Gaiman. I am so intrigued by the idea of dreams! In a summary of the entire series of this comic, I learned that the main character is Dream, who is the King over the Dream realm. Through 10 chapters that spanned from 1989- 1996, Dream travels through many magical universes trying to recover his realm that he previous lost (he was kept captive for 70 years). Yes, I am aware that I’m going against what I previously said about me only liking near-nonfictional books and comics. But since I’ve taken this class, and read Y: The Last Man, I’m open to the idea of testing the waters of the magical world of Dream.

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