We may have stumbled into a long lost art

I love to read, so I enjoy any type of media that involves words. O.K. that may have been a slight exaggeration but I really do love books and anything that slightly resembles them. So I have read a few comics such as  Archie and the occasional superhero type, but it was very rare. Mostly I liked to read the “funnies” section in the newspaper. I consider that comics, seeing as they are comic strips. However I find art in comics intriguing and the fact that there is words to accompany them, or vice verse, really engages my fascination. It is like watching a movie except you do not feel as guilty because at least your reading right!That said, I thoroughly enjoyed Y: The Last Man. It was really interesting to realize that something with such intensity, and I say this because it was filled with mature content, could be considered a comic. Usually one, such as myself with no expert knowledge of comics, would assume comics were something to just mildly entertain. However Y: The Last Man had some pretty controversial topics, it seemed liked you can almost dissect the comic, as you would a movie. And along the way ask yourself, “Well why would the creator use these specific graphics?” “And why this word choice?” I admit I did feel a bit guilty because the illustrations were very real, like watching a movie, dialogue included.

With the new world of adult content open to me (beginning with Y: The Last Man) and following some research I came upon the comic book series/turned novel Stardust. When I encountered the name it sounded very familiar. And of course it hit me! It was a movie! I loved it! The movie distribute by Paramount Pictures is based on the book, however the novel was written based off the comic, which was released as a prestige format four-issue mini-series. So once I got over the initial reaction that comics could be so diverse, I realized this comic might just be for me, it has all the aspects I would look for in a book with an added plus! Graphics!

Soft Cover edition of Stardust Comic

Stardust is a comic written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Charles Vess, following the adventures of Tristran Thorn. First off, the name is already classic, it just makes you want to know more about this Mr.Thorn. So the plot includes faeries, romance, witches, and evil lords. Suffice to say it is bound to be a great work of fantasy. However you do not have to take my word for it, this DC comic, won several fan and comic book awards. It takes its place among one of the, “top ten books written for adults that have special appeal to young adults,” or so claims the American Library Association, a non-profit organization to promote literacy education.

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