Y: Choose Comic Books?

To me, when someone says the the words “Comic Book”, my mind focuses on books such as Calvin and Hobbes and Foxtrot. These are the comic books of my youth, the comic books that I love. I didn’t have Superman or Batman comic books, and honestly I never really wanted them. I didn’t, and still don’t, even consider these superhero books to be comic books. A good collection of Calvin and Hobbes beats a cheesy action comic book any day.

When I picked up Y: The Last Man I could immediately see that this simply wasn’t my kind of book. In high school I had been forced to read a “comic book” called Persepolis for my English class and absolutely hated it, and since then I’ve had a lower regard for comic books. But I’m always willing to give anything a chance  and so I tried to dispense with the prejudice and give the book a good read. When I got into the book I actually liked it quite a bit, the storyline fits the type of books that I generally like to read. Plenty of action, a good plot, and many unexpected twists. I was completely attached to the though that Yorick and 355 were going to get married and save the human race until 355 was killed. Apparently I audibly gasped when it happened because my roommate asked if everything was O.K. Slightly awkward but I guess I didn’t realize I was getting into the book that much.

This is Naruto, main character in the Naruto Shippden comic books

Now even though I personally don’t enjoy reading action-based comic books very much, my oldest sister and one of my older brothers are Manga reading addicts. Manga is a form of comic book created by the Japanese usually featuring ninjas who generally kick some butt. My older brother is especially persistent that I read a specific comic called Naruto Shippuden. There is a show about it on Adult Swim on Comedy Central but supposedly the comic books are significantly better. It’s about a group of teenage ninjas learning how to fend for themselves in the world while protecting all that is good. Cheesy plot, but apparently the witty banter between the ninjas as well as the severe level of butt they kick combine for a decent comic. If I were to begin to read comic books I’m sure this would be #1 on my list.

So my overall thoughts on comic books? I think that a good story with a solid plot doesn’t need pictures to make it better. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words but I think that in this case reading the contextualization instead of seeing it is more effective. I would much rather read a book with a great amount of detail so I can truly appreciate what the author is trying to say. And if the book is good then there has probably been a movie made about it, which to me is a much better visual then a picture for each couple sentences.

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