Identity Thief

Before doing this video project, I had little experience with video software. I had used Window’s Movie Maker a couple of times in the past, but using Adobe Premiere was an entirely new shebang. When I first learned of this assignment, I was extremely worried about it. I thought that there was no way that I could find enough movie scenes that I could use to change a film’s genre. Additionally, I thought that I would have no understanding of how to work the software, which in turn, would make it even more challenging.

However, after going to the video tutorials, I slowly started to relax. It even turned out

The movie I chose to change into a different genre was "She's the Man."

that I found changing She’s the Man into Identity Thief extremely fun (once the software was working properly). It did not seem like work at all; rather, it felt like a fun project that I was doing in my spare time. In essence, it did not feel at all like homework, which I loved! I also felt that in being able to channel my creativity, I was able to understand several of the film techniques/aspects that have previously been mentioned/discussed in class. Many of the choices I made seemed to have key aspects in changing the genre of the film. I also discovered that changing a film’s genre is quite easy when one puts the idea of closure to use—by “observing the parts but perceiving the whole…” different film aspects, when put together, easily transform the genre of a film (McCloud 63).

Additionally, I realized just how important music plays a role in movie trailers. I used a fast paced soundtrack to portray the anxiousness of the film.  I used a white type font in the beginning to demonstrate the character’s supposed pureness. However, I then changed it to a red type font, once the character started to steal her brother’s identity, in order to clue in viewers that she is not as sweet and pure as she seems. In one of the title screens, I purposefully chose the font Chiller, because it indicates/references the thrilling aspect of the movie.

I also chose to make sure that all of my video titles were not simply centered in the middle of the screen. Instead, I tried to align them on the right, because in The Non-Designer’s Design Book, Robin Williams claims that this gives “text a cleaner and more dramatic look” (Williams 35). In one of my transitions, I used a clock wipe to indicate “the passage of time” (Dick 16). In some instances, I simply used straight cuts, in order to make the transitions seem more dramatic. At the end of the movie, the title screen is in serif font, and this font creates a bold look that is almost startling. This is due to its “thick/thin contrast…” (Williams 176). Overall, I think the music, titles, and transitions effectively changed the genre of She’s the Man.

The most frustrating part of this assignment was the problem with the audio getting out of sync or becoming silent. The first time I encountered this project, I simply switched to a different computer, and the audio then worked properly. However, when I came back the next day to do more editing, I encountered the same problem. This time, I tried switching computers several times, but none of them allowed the audio to work properly. At this point, I got Dr. Delwiche and James involved, but neither of them could figure out the problem. They just kept saying that “this is so weird. It has never happened before.” I ended up taking a break from the project for a day, and when I was ready to work on it again, I used a semi-current draft of the project.

I then spent four hours straight editing the transitions, audio, and titles, so that I could export it. I did not want to allow another chance for the audio to get out of sync.  It was after I was already finished with the project, that Dr. Delwiche discovered that other students were having these same problems. I now know that I should not use sub-clips in the future. Based on these difficulties/frustrations, I would definitely advise future students to start early— you never know what technical problems you might encounter. I also had trouble finding a good website for changing YouTube clips to mp3 clips. For future students, I would recommend using the site Online Convert, which allows one to easily convert music from a website link.

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