Alcoholic Bridesmaids

When beginning to discuss the Video Trailer Remix, I was hesitant about my video remixing skills. Although, I hardly encountered any problems because I wasn’t a guinea pig like some of my other classmates, but I did have to start over once because originally I had made sub-clips. Starting over was probably more helpful than hurtful though because it gave me a chance to rethink how I was going to remake the movie Bridesmaids into a movie about Annie (Kristen Wiig) being an alcoholic. This project originally worried me because of my lack of editing knowledge especially in Adobe Premier, but after attending the video training sessions, I was more aware of the software. Even though I wasn’t completely sure about every detail of the software, I was still able to fulfill the assignment with minimal problems.

This is a picture of the Bridesmaids movie cast.

If anyone hasn’t seen the movie Bridesmaids, it is about how Annie’s life is awful and her childhood best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), is getting married. I have remade this movie trailer to where Annie is an alcoholic and her alcoholism drives her into insanity. I have used certain editing choices that have allowed my movie trailer to change genres from comical drama to serious/chaotic drama. The original movie that I remade is Bridesmaids and the remade title is Alcoholic Bridesmaids because Annie is driven to alcoholism due to certain events that happen in her life.

Earlier this year one of our assignment was to create a blog about how the media is manipulating their audience, and during that assignment, we read an article by Chuck Klosterman called “Ha ha,” he said. “Ha ha.” which discussed how he couldn’t “think of anything philosophically stupider than laugh tracks.” This quote about laugh tracks refers to how the media is manipulating their audience to laugh even if the audience is unsure about what they are laughing at. This manipulation technique is one that I used when remaking my video trailer because in order to change Bridesmaids genre, I had to manipulate the audience by choosing certain sound tracks to play during certain clips of my video. I chose to start my trailer with a soft, cute song and progressively changed the music to scary or more upbeat music in order to manipulate the audience into thinking that the movie itself was going to be scary or dramatic. These manipulation techniques are also referred to in Steven Shaviro’s “Walt Disney” article when he says, “ If you believe your own lies, you don’t give off the telltale subliminal signs of deception, and so you can manipulate other people all the more successfully.” Therefore when you believe your own manipulation techniques, others will follow in your path and believe you too.

Another aspect that I chose to change when remaking my video trailer was to include title slides informing the audience of the actual story that was going on. During these title slides, I chose to use a certain font called “chiller” to create an anxious/thrilling affect. Within this choice, I also chose certain transition effects like, cross dissolve or peel away, to group certain scenes together. For example during the “good” part of Annie’s life the scene cuts are all cross dissolve, but then when she gets fired, the cut is a peel away transition. On my cover page and my closing page of my movie trailer I decided to use the original Bridesmaids movie cover, but I altered it to fit my trailer specifically. I chose to add the word “alcoholic” placed diagonally over bridesmaids to indicate the fact that the movie was about alcoholic bridesmaids and not just typical bridesmaids. As Robin Williams would say, “ Nothing should be placed on the page arbitrarily. Every item should have a visual connection with something else on the page.” I used this “principle of alignment” to make “a strong cohesive unit” out of the cover and ending slides of my video trailer (Williams 33).

Since McCloud’s definition, in Understand Comics: The Invisible Art, of an icon is “to represent a person, place, thing or idea”, the icons I have used in my remade video trailer are a bottle of alcohol and a glass of liquor. These two icons typically represent the idea that by drinking alcohol you’re subject to lose control of your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. When someone drinks alcohol this scenario doesn’t always happen, but when someone drinks more then their body can handle they tend to lose control of themselves. I am trying to convey to the audience that Annie’s alcoholic problems lead to her craziness, insanity, and absence of self-control. McCloud’s definition of an icon aids my video trailer because the icons I chose are subjective and can be interpreted differently be the viewers, but in the end, typically mean about the same thing.

Lastly, all of these video-editing choices are what have helped me change the genre of the original Bridesmaids movie. By choosing certain transition effects, audio choices, icon representations, and font styles I have been able to transform the original trailer into something new. If I would have never done this project, I would have never known that such miniscule editing choices have such a dramatic affect on the whole outcome of a project. Future advice that I would recommend is to choose a movie that is easily transformed and to be sure to start early by planning everything out ahead of time. Over all this was a project where many students were able to use their creativity skills to their advantage and express them through their remade video trailers.

This webpage is the official site for the Bridesmaids movie.

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