Durham Bulls

This assignment, for me at least, was rather easy.  I have used video editing software before to make a baseball recruiting video (which, I am convinced, got me a position on the Trinity baseball roster).  However, iMovie is a much simpler piece of software than Premier and I was a little worried about learning how to use it and understand the tools.  I though to myself “damn, this is going to take forever and with fall baseball, I am never going to have time to get it done!”  Boy, was I wrong.

For my project, I took the movie Bull Durham (1988), a movie about a young baseball player working his way through the minor leagues and eventually making it to the Majors with the help of a mentor, and turned it into an inspirational story about two brothers playing ball in the minor leagues and the struggles and triumphs they have along the way.  In addition, I used the dialogue from the movie trailer The Fighter (edited of course) to help tell the story.  A major aspect of this trailer mash up is that audio from The Fighter and from that, I had to use the right cinematic techniques to tell the story well.  That having been said, I used many quick cuts and short transitions to emphasize the different parts of my mashed up trailer.  After watching the movie 2012 (2009), I saw how to use the cuts and transitions to tell the story.  While 2012 is a different genre of movie than Bull Durham, the audio from The Fighter turned my movie into an inspirational action-movie, making it and 2012 very similar.

After going through the tutorials, I felt very comfortable with the controls and tools that Premier had to offer.  For this project, we did not necessarily need to use everything that the software had to offer.  However, it would be interesting to explore more of the tools and go deeper into the software.  Regardless, the biggest help that the software did (aside from assisting me in making the trailer) is exemplifying that baseball is a sign that symbolizes brotherhood.  A sign is anything-a color, a gesture, a wink, an object, a mathematical equation, etc.-that stands for something other than itself (M. Damesi, 3).  The game of baseball, as experience has shown me, is all about brotherhood.  It is a team-oriented game that cannot be won or lost by a single person, no matter the situation.  I wanted to show that by making the two main characters, which in the original movie are polar opposites and try their best to anger the other, brothers who work together to succeed.  Even in the low times, they are there for each other and help one another get past the issues and get back on track.

In addition, since this movie was unique, I wanted to change the story, but keep the genre as close to the original as possible.  The movie is considered a sports movie (baseball in particular) and I wanted that theme of baseball to be recognizable.  According to Sobchack, Any particular film of any definable group is only recognizable as part of that group if it is (Sobchack, 196).  It was important, for me at least, that baseball be apart of it, even though the story is dramatically altered.  In addition, since I used baseball as a signifier for brotherhood, it was imperative that there was a baseball element seen in the trailer.  If I had excluded it, there would not be that prominent brotherhood element.  For me, I found it easy to tell the story without having too many scenes of baseball in the trailer, but still conveying the baseball-brotherhood imagery.

For future students, this assignment could either be easy or difficult, depending on 1) how much time you allot yourself to complete it and 2) how familiar you are with video editing software.  For someone who knows what they are doing, it will be a breeze and you can get it done rather quickly.  For those who are not prepared, it will take you longer simply because you have to familiarize yourself with the controls and tools.  The real piece of advice I have to give is to make sure to save your work VERY often.  Technology can be unreliable at times and that could jeopardize your work.  This year, the students experienced difficultly with the computers.  Parts of the projects would not work or suddenly disappear.  MAKE SURE TO SAVE OFTEN TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING.  I hope that after this year, the computers will have no problems and everything will go smoothly for y’all, but always be cautious that problems could happen to you.

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