His Notebook

I have always been intrigued with video editing software, and have played around with some different programs, but never have I used Adobe Premiere. I was a bit overwhelmed at first because I found the software a bit confusing to use, but I got the hang of it in no time. The video that I chose to remix is The Notebook (here is the trailer of the movie). A popular love story by Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook falls completely into the romantic genre of movies. Knowing this, I chose to drastically change its genre and make it into a horror/thriller.

The Notebook: the original movie poster

In order to change the genre of this movie from romantic to horror/thriller, I made Noah Calhoun into a deadly stalker of  the new girl in town, Allie Hamilton. I watched the movie from start to finish to make sure that I don’t miss any parts that I would like to use in my remix. While watching, I was surprised by how many clips I mentally noted to use. I noticed that Noah says a lot of things to Allie that could be misinterpreted if the rest of the scene is deleted, and that’s exactly what I did. There were also a number of scenes that were completely disconnected from Allie but were able to further the perception of Noah being a dangerous stalker.

After I created all of the clips that I was going to use in my remix, I began to think about the transitions I would use and which kind would really help the audience get a sense of the genre of this movie. Using the concepts from Film, Space, and Image by Dick, I settled on using fast cuts, and sharp dip to black transitions from one clip to the next in the meat of my trailer, sandwiched between longer, more drawn out cuts that used a slightly more flowing dip to black transition. By doing this, the audience gets a sense of anxiety during the majority of the trailer, and they begin and end the trailer with a sense of obscurity and horror. The last piece of my trailer that would be the finishing touch was the music. I chose to use the soundtrack from the movie Saw. I chose this because not only is it a recognizable tune that is a signifier for horror, but also because the way that it is composed fit well into my trailer as a whole.

This assignment was a bit frustrating at times, specifically when we could not use our sub clips due to sound malfunctions. I personally lost a couple of hours of work in a mere second when I experienced a loss of sound in the sub clips. Fortunately, I did not do much more than make the sub clips, but it was extremely frustrating nonetheless. This technological failure taught me that I should always get started on this type of project earlier than later because of the risk that the technology will break down. I will admit, I waited to make my trailer at the last-minute, and chose to skip a class or two to make sure I made it into what I wanted it to be, and in the end, I did accomplish what I wanted.

I chose to name my remix His Notebook to emphasize the masculine character as being the one who is dangerous and centered around the horror within the movie. One clip that I added specifically chosen as a marketing clip to draw an audiences desire to see the movie is a short clip of a sex scene. In today’s modern movie industry, sex scenes are rampant and, I believe, play a large part in how well a movie does. I began my trailer with giving the movie a rated R rating, and in order to get the point across that this movie should have this rating, I thought a quick clip of a sex scene would get the point across. As a side note, I personally think any horror movie rated PG-13 or less is not going to be any good. Overall, I hope you enjoy watching my trailer and more than that, I hope you are able to pick out the genre that it is trying to portray!

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