The Bounty Hunted

From day one, when we were handed our syllabi, I knew I was going to enjoy this class. It has widened my view of media, and it’s true strength and power. When we were first told of our video project, I became extremely excited. Video editing is a huge part in my life, its what I love to do. Not to be cocky or anything, but I feel as if I have an eye for film and media. I’m not saying that I am able to produce the best, but I am saying I am able to recognize the best. Some of my hobbies that I include video editing in are sports montages, video game montages, and any other sort of interesting film production. A large portion of the reason I came to Trinity is because of it’s advanced technology, and intelligent media production courses. I look forward to the Communication Major and all it has to offer.

To begin our video editing project I made a trip to Target to look for a movie. After about a good ten minutes of searching for the perfect movie I came across The Bounty Hunter (2010). I had seen the movie before, so I had begun to piece together a newly formed trailer to see if it was even possible to transform the original concept of the movie. I had the best visions, and tons of great ideas so I purchased the movie and headed home. I started to watch the movie to look for certain scenes that would work for a suspenseful crime thriller. This is where Danesi and semiotics entered the picture. I realized the main thing I was searching for were signifiers, symbols, and icons of a suspense filled crime thriller. The signifiers, symbols, and icons I was looking for had to go hand in hand with my targeted genre, so I begun to search for guns, blood, money, action, and anything that would fit well with my genre. I took notes on the movie, wrote down times, and roughly pieced together a storyboard. Then I took a much needed break before starting on the editing process.

The editing process was the most exciting and interesting thing for me. I had never used Adobe Premiere before so it was a new and fascinating experience. I’m not too skilled at making my own stories, but I think I managed to get the job done. After ripping our DVD’s in class I got to work on cutting out shots that I thought were perfect for my trailer mashup. After completing the painful and enduring process of extracting clips and audio I looked back at my storyboard and begun to place the clips in order of which I thought worked the best. During the editing process I had to look back on the Bernard Dick reading to read about certain shots and how to use them. I managed to extract some establishing shots to give the viewer a chance to establish the setting. I also cut out a moving shot and a pan shot to open up with a cinematic effect. Then I went on to create two types of montages and placed them back to back in the trailer. The first montage I made was a conceptual montage that consisted of a range of ideas and concepts that were all used to reinforce one another in order to evoke a specific feeling from the viewer. The second montage I created was more of a narrative montage in which I used the process of segmentation. I carefully pieced together a group of cross-cuts to suggest that there were simultaneous events taking place. All in all, I believe my trailer came out pretty well.

The last and final thing I needed to do was to add music and sound effects. I believe that the sound in film is just as effective if not more effective than the picture. Knowing that I was making a suspense filled crime thriller I had to do some research on the type of music I should use. I had a general idea on what I needed to find, but I had to make sure it was the perfect sound track. I knew that in most suspense films the music is intended to get the heart racing and the blood pumping, so that’s where my search for music started. In the Evolution and Memes reading by Susan Blackmore, she states that during evolution the human brain evolved to be able to process music, art, science, and math without even having to think of it. Its sort of an involuntary process that is able to evoke emotion and thoughts within an individual. That being noted, I decided that the music was definitely going to evoke an emotion from the viewer whether or not the soundtrack was even good or not. This video editing project was one of my favorite projects i’ve ever done for any of my past and present classes. Though I did run into a few problems every now and then, I managed to work everything out.

One thing I do want to tell future students is to aways start your projects early. You are more than likely going to run into some problems along the way, and the earlier you start the more time you have to work things out. Some problems I ran into took a little while to fix, but I was able to surpass the frustration with the help of my professor and classmates. Don’t be afraid to ask questions whether they are intended for your professor, or your classmates. You can’t ever receive too much help. Always work hard, stay focused, and try your best not to procrastinate. 🙂


About jcollmann

I am a first year student at Trinity University. I am looking to major in the Communications department. I like sports, video games, and hanging out with friends.
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