A ship of frustration: or Titanic

I am a huge movie junkie. Well a sophisticated movie critic would probably scoff at my genre of film, but I enjoy it, and I am the consumer so it does not matter what they think. Anyway suffice to say that when this project was assigned I was very excited to get to work. I could not wait to pick a movie and make of it what I wanted! Oh boy though, was I in for the surprise of my (life would be a hyperbole I think) so semester perhaps. It probably has to due with the fact that I am technologically challenged and not patient in the least, and this project called for a bit of skill in the two.

The project calls for (at least if you want to make your life a whole lot easier) a movie that you know well. And by looking at other projects I would say most students picked not only movies they are really familiar with but also that they quite enjoy. Which is why I picked to mash up Titanic (1997). I am not only a fan of the romantic film, but of the grandness, (which can be seen in four minutes of glory through YouTube) of this very movie. I know it very well, seeing as I went through a phase in which I must have watched it about once a week, at least. So when it came to editing it, and choosing which scenes to grab, it was comforting to know that  I did not have to sit through a three hour film once again.

The original context and theme of the film is to portray two lovers (Jack and Rose) one of high society and the other of no society(if I may be so bold) and of course they encounter a n epic romance on the “unsinkable” ship Titanic. It is funny, I had originally planned to alter the film into a horror movie, one of ghost and things that go bump in the night. However as I started playing with the Premier software and choosing clips to cut, it sort of just evolved into what it turned into, a film(for the projects sake) of a strong willed girl, trapped in a society she does not belong in. It may not be in the form of a cartoon but this closely relates to Mccloud’s Understanding Comics. His argument would be that I chose to incorporate an image of a strong female, because subconsciously I relate to the character of Rose (Kate Winslet). By portraying a topic that I feel especially concerned with, I am able to connect and “travel in another realm” (his words not mine). I am no longer using the director’s (James Cameron) version of events, I am vicariously creating my own version.

Kate Winslet as Rose dancing and escaping her high society onlookers.

The version I did create turned out to be my child. I decided to use dainty, and “high society” moments that showed Rose as a girl who lives and does as she is told. I cut out clips that showed this, and I incorporated classical Edwardian music, that would give a sense of ease and leisure. The turning point of the preview is when Rose starts to break from her shell and do unthinkable things. Here the change of the music escalates to fast paced music that anticipates the climax to come. As the preview evolves with the protagonist so does the music, to one of action and thrill to go along with the events occurring. It can be correctly stated that music was essential to moving my plot along. Which is utterly annoying to me in most cases. Most previews of movies use music to make the film look in fact much more interesting than what it is going to be. It reminds me of Chuck Klostermen’s argument in Ha ha he said. Ha ha. on the non-necessity of laugh tracks. As if we need certain music to signify a genre of film, or to dictate what we should view as “scary” or “comical”. Be it as it may since it is already engrave in our systems, we must incorporate it somehow.
At times the project became very frustrating. It was difficult to get the dialogue sceans just right, I had to cut the same ones many a time. The software was pretty easy to handle except for a few glitches like the text boxes, it was very temperamental with me for some reason, I had to cut and make new ones all the time. It was probably the hardest part for me. To future students I would defiantly encourage to work on this for more than one sitting. It can get frustrating to work on it straight, plus new and fresh ideas can always come after a nights sleep. For this however you need time, so be sure to start on it early. And the best piece of advice I can offer is to have fun with it! It will defiantly reflect on your project.



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