This assignment has been stressing me out since the first day of classes. Creativity isn’t exactly my thing, and I have been dreading the trailer all semester. I was also intimidated by Premiere, but I quickly realized the similarities between Premiere and iMovie (which I have some experience with). The movie choice was easy for me. I wanted a movie that I know most of the lines to so I can easily recall clips to create my new trailer, and Superbad is just that (One summer my best friend and I tried to drop a line from Superbad in conversation everyday. We succeeded.). You can find the original trailer here.

I wanted to change the main journey of the movie from a light hearted attempt to get laid to a malicious, gun-slinging plot for revenge. I was amazed at how many dangerous signifiers were in the movie, but paired with happy movies to keep the scenes from getting intense. A gun is seen many times in the original movie, but only in comedic ways (a new cops fumbles with it, McLovin shoots out the windows of the trashed police car, the police drunkenly shoot at a stop sign). I found myself thinking back to Klosterman’s piece about the laugh tracks, “Ha ha, he said”. It amazed me how many images were portrayed as funny in the movie (through happy music or characters laughing) that could easily also be used in a serious manner. Our perception of a scene is influenced by so many different things, that it almost becomes hard to determine if something is really funny or not. This is similar to Shaviro’s Disney Land example- what is real and what is fake? I say that as long as we perceive it as funny (even if it is because we are prompted by laugh tracks or musical choices), it is funny. The context is what makes something funny, not the act itself.

The two main characters of both Superbad and Bad

By playing sweet music at the beginning of the trailer, I was able to suggest a romance between the two characters. The happy part is abrubtly ended with a gunshot, which leads to a series of short, fast paced clips of violence set to a Limp Bizkit song. My hopes were to suggest that the two main characters love each other, but the other high schoolers do not accept their love. After a violent attack, the main characters attempt to get revenge with more violence.

Since this week was so busy for me, I decided to download Premiere and work on the project at home on my own computer. I have the application HandBrake so I was able to rip my movie and use my own music for the trailer. The process of putting it together couldn’t have gone more smoothly; I had no technical problems whatsoever. It was not until I tried to load the file onto the class page that I ran into my first problems. It took me three computers to successfully transfer my project via flash drive (Premiere wouldn’t open on the first one, the second one would only upload half of my sound clips, and the third one finally worked!). I was very nervous for a while, but after about an hour and a half of trial and error, I figured it out!

My advice to future students would be to take advantage of the free trial of Premiere and work on the project at home. There were so many times that an idea would hit me, and I didn’t have to worry about trekking to the Comm Lab to make it happen. I would simply open the computer and do the editing right then (no matter what time of day it was).

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