Bromance turned romance…

At the start of this project I was extremely nervous on how it was going to go because I have no experience in video editing other then doing a project in 8th grade Spanish and all we used was I-Movie on my laptop. I-Movie is like riding a bike with training wheels while Adobe Premiere is the big kids bike. It was a little overwhelming at first with all the things I could do but eventually I got the hang of it. It surprisingly turned out to be fun even though it was a lot of work and frustrating at times. This project has definitely been my favorite thus far in Media Interpretation.

I decided to remix the movie The Hangover, which falls into the genre of comedy. Here is one of the many trailers of The Hangover.

The Hangover poster used for advertisement

In, Genre Film: A Classical Experience, genre is defined as “category, kind, or form of film distinguished by subject matter, theme, or techniques (Pg. 196).” Comedies are known for upbeat music and funny and sometimes ridiculous subject matter dealing with drugs, sex, and alcohol. This is exactly what The Hangover is about. When I first started thinking about my project I wanted to turn the movie into an action adventure film but as I started talking to my friends I decided it would be funny to turn it into a romance movie. I knew this task would be extremely difficult but I wanted to challenge myself in this project. Making it an action adventure might have turned out better but I am proud of my final product.

To turn The Hangover into a romantic movie I took main characters Alan and Phil and made it seem as if they had a secret love that none of the other characters knew about. I decided to name it Hung Up. I specifically focused on my music, colors I used in title slides, and the clips I picked out from the entirety of the movie. As stated in What Is Semiotics, a color is a sign that stands for something other than itself (pg. 4). For example, I used a lot of pink in my title slides, which is a sign for love and romance. Since The Hangover is a comedy there were a lot of long shots but I tried to find close shots of Alan and Phil to show the intimacy between the two. As Bedford stated in Film, Space, and Image closes up are used for emphasis while long shots are used to show the entirety of something.

Throughout this whole project I learned that starting early is always the best way to go because as was discovered during this round of projects you can encounter a lot of problems. Luckily I didn’t encounter many problems but when I did a lot of the solutions were already in the class email, which was extremely useful. I decided to plan out my whole trailer first before going into the communication lab. It was like writing an outline or a rough draft of a paper but instead it was for my trailer. This made everything so much easier. I went into the lab with each clip I wanted written down with the time and a storyboard of my trailer as well. Planning everything out before saved me a lot of time once I got in the lab.

In the end I was happy with how my trailer turned out. I was proud of what I could do with Adobe Premiere when I had never worked with it before. This project helped me discover that I enjoy movie editing and putting together movie trailers. Who knows, maybe this will be professor after college.

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