Despicable Deliberations, and the troubles through the making.

When assigned this project, I was very nervous about not only how I was going to

In the original movie minions are portrayed as being goofy little characters, but in my mix up they are bad trouble makers.

overcome my lack in video editing skills, but how I would make a finished product that was convincing and twisted compared to the original film. I chose to edit the film Despicable Me (2010), originally a comedy film, to be an action film. In my mix-up, I made everyone bad guys and showed their entire act of violence. In the end of the trailer it shows what happens when the boss, head villain, gets frustrated with the actions that his workers are taking to demolish all of the bad guys. Deciding how to change the meaning of the film, and then choosing the scenes that would fit the meaning were two of the most frustrating parts of this project. Overall the project was a fun experience. To all the incoming comm2302 students, start early on this project because it isn’t error-free, at all.

When making my trailer, many things came into my mind that needed to be changed. First of all, Despicable Me is accompanied by fairly lighthearted music that makes the film a children’s movie. In order to make the movie my own, I had to also change the music to be more eerie, and suspenseful.  The song Lux Aeterna, the theme song for Requiem for a Dream (2000), exhibits parts that are extremely intense with quick changes in tempo, parts ofremorse, and thought. I figured this song would be the perfect song to accompany my trailer because I had to take a film that was very kid-oriented and animated, as well as turn it into a suspenseful action film. Most of my sub clips are longer in duration, and slower moving to cause the viewers to be drawn into the suspense of the music, and the scenes of action shown.

Something that I realized early on in the project was the usefulness of the course readings thus far. Film, Space and Image by Bernard Dick was especially helpful to me because it laid out most of the transitions. This presented the idea in which allowed me to use straight cuts for my fast-moving scenes. This is efficient because it makes it quick and highlights the action-ness of the trailer. In The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams, the font section came in handy in choosing not only the font used in my text slides, but the colors I used also. These were my two biggest resources when it came to past class readings, but Genre Film: A Classical Experience also effected my decisions because in the text Thomas Sobchack explains how genres are formed from common characteristics. Given the way he explained how genres were formed I kept aspects that are in most action films such as dramatic music, fast changes, and action scenes in my trailer.

I really enjoyed working through the difficulties that I faced in premiere regarding audio problems, timeline issues, and uploading troubles. Being able to play around with this program for a couple of weeks really allowed me to see how film and video editing may be something that I could consider when I am older.

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