Las Vegas: A Documentary

The first thing that came to mind when I heard about this assignment was that I have no idea how I am going to be able to edit a video while maintaining any sort of cinematic artistry whatsoever.  I know there is so much thought that goes into every shot that occurs in a film that I was unsure if I could maintain any artistry in my own creation.  Needless to say I was nervous about this project.  I decided I would change the movie The Hangover (2009) from a ridiculous comedy to a documentary about what occurs in Las Vegas.

The way that I went about converting this movie to a documentary is by choosing scenes that out of context do not really make sense together.  The scenes that I looked for had mostly action in them that was extremely out of the ordinary and could be perceived as something that can only happen in Las Vegas without getting arrested or worse.  After I had these scenes where crazy things were happening in Las Vegas I put title pages before each scene as a transition between different things that can happen in Vegas.   With this combination I think this trailer looks like a documentary.

Because I turned this movie into a documentary the transitions that were made were pretty basic.  By this I mean that because the cuts were from one idea to a completely new idea, I did not add in hardly any fancy transitions.  There was no good way that I found to smoothly move between concepts so I created a slide that told the idea the next clip is going to portray.  These slides cause the viewer to focus on exactly what I want them too.  For instance when I say Vegas is a place with no consequences they will view the scene as something completely unrealistic that can actually happen in Las Vegas.

The scenes that I specifically chose had either facial expressions, actions, or lines that I thought portrayed a certain message that emphasized the point I was trying to make.  This is similar to ideas expressed by Denisi in the reading Messages, signs, and meanings: A basic textbook in semiotics and communication.  The signs and symbols in each scene demonstrated the ideas that even though there are base level meanings to objects and characters there is also a deeper meaning behind each signifier.

Overall I’m very pleased with the way this trailer turned out.  I think the type of film that The Hangover originally was has been changed successfully.  I think it has turned into a somewhat satirical documentary like Farce of the Penguins. This is the goal that I was trying to achieve.  I also think that I got a pretty good understanding and basis for using Adobe Premier as a video editor as well which is really cool!


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I love to do anything outside, I especially love to golf! I enjoy listening to all types of music, catching up on all my favorite television series, and playing an occasional video game.
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