The trials and tribulations of my video mashup!!

The video trailer assignment was a lot of fun. I had never edited or worked on film before this project. I didn’t even know what Premier was before our training sessions. I didn’t really have high hopes for the trailer mash-up due to my lack of experience and creativity. However after a lot of hard work and trials I am happy with my final product.

I significantly changed the premises successfully and enjoyed working on the project.

Russell and Carl flying through the air.

First I took subclips from my movie UP. These subclips were taken out randomly and just set into my time line. According to Peter Klinge and Lee McConkey sub clips in no particular order are “parts that are unassembled and lacking in coordination and polish. There is no continuous flow of sound or action of ideas. No rise and fall of tension. No increase and decrease in tempo.” I did not want my trailor to be scattered and sporadic as described as above so I decided to put the subclips into a story line. First I wanted to start slow and happy than pick up the pace of the trailor during the intense angry parts. I made the speed faster toward the middle because I wanted the audience to be surprised. Also I wanted the audience to be able to almost feel the intensity and emotion conveying through the movie trailer. According to Klinge and McConkey, “rhythm and tempo is critical to staged performances. Timing is essential to the comedian as it is to the dancer.” I made the rhythm of the beginning of the trailer slow relaxed and laid back for the friendship was to be a happy joyous time that no audience member wants to see come to an end. The rhythm becomes a lot more fast paced during the tense scenes for it catches audience’s attention and grabs them in. the viewers heart starts to rush and are captivated to see what happens next. In the beginning the timing is slow and clips are long. This gets the audience member warmed up for the trailer think it will be a happy feel good movie. All of the sudden the timing of the clips toward the middle become shorter and creates the sense of an action film.

I use a lot of close up shots in my trailer. Bernard Dick mentions, “a close up can reveal a particular emotion for which, under the circumstances, a long shot would have been inappropriate.” I really wanted the viewers to be able to see Carl’s frightened old face and Russell’s conniving manipulative profile in the middle of my trailer. Subjective shots were also prevalent in the trailer. “Subjective shots represent what the character sees.” (Dick) This way the viewer can see the reaction of a character when he is supposedly seeing the other character.  With these subjective shots the audience can see the effect Russell has on Carl when Carl sees Russell.

The music in my trailer plays a key role in my trailer. The actual movie, UP, has a light frolicking type of music effecting the audience to fill up with warmth and joy. It makes one put a smile on their face and coincides with the happy companionship of Russell and Carl in certain scenes of the movie. I decided to take this approach in choosing the music in my trailer. I choose a feel good song for the beginning when Russell and Carl had a friendly relationship. The moment Carl said no to Russell’s request to help out the tone of music shifts. I use an eerie scary forewarning type of music to go throughout the next clips in my trailer. After Carl gets warned about Russell coming after him I choose an upbeat dramatic music. This symbolizes the exciting and sensational moments’ occurring for Russell is mad. All the music in the trailer serves as an accompaniment to the clips. According to Louis Giannetti, “some filmmakers insist on purely descriptive music- a practice referred to as mickeymousing. This type of score uses music as a literal equivalent to an image. If a character stealthily tiptoes from a room, for example, each step has a musical note to emphasize the suspense.” I definitely believe I used this mickeymouseing effect. I don’t believe the music overpowers the clips. I also don’t believe the music in my trailer detracts the audience from my trailer. It took me a long time to find the perfect song for a certain time in my trailer.

Like I said in the introductory paragraph I was really skeptical of this project. I was super nervous for Premier was foreign to me and I knew it was a big grade. However after the training sessions I became more comfortable with it. I was really wanting to make the fun loving story of UP into an action packed emotional trailer. In order to do this, I started researching other horror action film trailers to see some effects they used to get the genre across. A lot of trailers included fast shots with quick transitions. I knew I could do this with Premier.  So toward the middle I used fast shots of both Carl and Russell making it seem like Russell was out to get Carl. This tactic worked only because I used really short scenes from the original movie and I took scenes with Russell being upset or angry and Carl looking scared. The music made the trailer complete. I am really happy with the song choices I made. I used a familiar song in the beginning so the viewers could sing along and get excited to see it for it created a sense of familiarity. Its almost as if I brainwash the viewers to watch my trailer. Pratkanis states in How to Become a Cult Leader, “brainwashing has come to refer to exotic persuasion tactic that is practically irresistible. Victims of Brainwashing are depicted on television and in the movies as if they are an hypnotic trance.”  When all of a sudden the tempo and change of the song pops up audience members are confused and intrigued to watch more so they figure out what’s going on. When the Pirates of Caribbean theme song comes on viewers are not only interested in the film but the music at this point as well. It makes for a good blend.

Another tactic I used in deciding what movie to choose was popularity. Around the time I was choosing a movie, I saw a commercial for the new Puss In Boots movie. I thought about why Pixar and Disney movies were so popular and I just figured it was because of the increasing amount of stars doing voice-overs and also Pixar movies have become a topic of conversation. Disney Pixar films have almost become memes. Blackmore states that, “memes are an element or a culture that may be considered to be passed on by non-genetic means a.k.a. imitation.” Disney Pixar movies are a meme that are almost now a must see just to keep up with some of societies conversations and news. Also Disney movies have been passed down from generations to generations.

This trailer making process was extremely frustrating! I am just lucky that I wasn’t the first to encounter problems or else I would have probably cried. I did have to start over after I made all my sub-clips however that problem doesn’t really compare to the other problems others encountered. I would advise students to start early and just go with the flow. Problems are going to occur. It’s inevitable. Future students need to just remember to take a deep breath and know that it’s not their fault. Lynda helped a lot because there are video tutorials on almost everything Premier on the website available to students.

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