Hopefully we will still be here to read this in 2013

I never expected Communications to be so en-lightning. I had intended to major in the field, and now I know for sure I want to do so. It was a very interesting class I honestly learned so much, and I think I may have even stumbled upon a great epiphany of sorts. Who would have known the spread of ideas could be so intriguing AND dangerous! Either way if this is what the rest of communication classes are like, I think I am going to like my major very much indeed.Unfortunately I am not going to be attending Monday’s class, but for the sake of my last blog post for Media Int. and Communication I will say what I would have liked to discuss. We have discussed memes in another one of my classes and I realized that I did not understand the concept as well as I thought. That would definitely be something I would be interested in exploring a bit more.

That being said, we move on to what my favorite reading of the semester was. I thought about this for like 5 seconds and it came to me, Do good design: How designers can change the world by David Berman. It was a piece we did early on and I am glad we did because it made me really interested in the class. I love advertisement (funny thing to say I know) but I love the way it can influence us in so many ways, and Berman did a very good job of verbally illustrating this for us, this and the potential that designers have on the world. My least favorite article was probably Danesi’s What is semiotics?It was so confusing, maybe it was not Danesi’s fault perhaps it was just the subject, but the question “What does x mean?” is not one that I wanted to answer. Especially when the answers were held in concepts that were all different yet the same, like signs, signifiers, and icons! Just not my cup of tea.

Advertisment is possibly one of the most powerful tools we have and as Berman says, "designers not only had the potential to be socially responsible, but also may actually hold the future of the world in their hands."

Apart from the horror of such “abstract” ideas, most of the other readings were not too bad, which is more than I can say for most of my other classes. And that is why I will be sad to see it end. It was a very good course to get me started at Trinity where I hope to stay and take more communication classes that will keep me as interested in the subject as this class did. In the future assuming that we do not have to fight for our survival atop great big arcs, I think I am going to be enjoying four more years hear at Trinity. Hopefully the word “study abroad student” can be applied somewhere in that time frame.

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