Ghosts of Semesters Present and Future

This past semester has been a wild ride. It has taught me many important lessons—do not wait until the last minute to start on an assignment (especially the video trailer project), never fear asking a professor for help, and there will always be classes that you enjoy, as well as ones that you do not. The class that I enjoyed the most this semester happened to be Media Interpretation and Criticism. In fact, it has led me to consider the possibility of majoring in Communication. Before exiting this course, I would like to discuss the possible messages behind video games a little further. Having never played video games, I am curious as to what kinds of reactions people have towards them.

My favorite reading for Media Interpretation and Criticism was “This is Emo” by Chuck Klosterman from Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, which can be purchased on Amazon. I found his theory—people will never be truly satisfied, because they measure  satisfaction in comparison to fake possibilities—interesting. I actually agree with him (to an extent). His essay was very entertaining, and I found it easy to comprehend his theories, since he used modern day examples, such as characters from

Monica and Chandler are the characters that Klosterman mentions.

Friends. In fact, Klosterman was my favorite author that we read this semester. There was not a single essay of his that I did not enjoy.

Other authors, however, I did not find nearly as entertaining as Klosterman. My least favorite article from the semester was “The Spirit of Terrorism” by Jean Baudrillard. I was offended at his argument that we, as a society, wished for the attack on the World Trade Center. However, I did understand his argument that “the countless disaster movies bear witness to [the idea that we enjoy destruction]” (Baudrillard 5). While I understand his argument, I believe that even though we like to watch disaster movies, we do not wish for disasters to occur in real life. The reason why we like disaster movies so much, rather, is based on the fact that they are not actually happening in real life.

In congruence with disaster movies, assuming that the movie 2012 does not become a reality, I have many plans for future semesters. Next semester, I am taking several history/political science courses, because that is another possible area of study that I am considering. In the future, I do not see myself studying abroad, for when I was in high school, I had the experience of being a student ambassador, which allowed me to spend three weeks in Europe. While I have enjoyed my time at Trinity, I plan to transfer to Texas Christian University after next semester, because my father is sick, and I would like to be closer to home. However, I know that whenever I reflect on Trinity, as well as this semester, I will always remember Media Interpretation and Criticism fondly.

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