C’est fini

At the beginning of this semester I was positive I wanted to double major in Fine Arts and Communication, now I am not sure. I read many books on autism, ADHD, down syndrome, psychological traumas and so on and I am interested on being an art therapist. Next semester I will have a class on psychology and I am confused because I really do like communication too but being an art therapist and helping other sounds exciting. What ever I decide on doing though, I will for sure end up majoring in Fine Arts. I hope I can study abroad sometime but I’m not looking for that yet.

Being in this class made me realize I actually do enjoy reading. I know this sounds stupid and you probably think I’m trying to buy the professor here, but seriously, I used to hate reading. I enjoyed most of the readings for this class and I found that part deep deep deep inside me that actually does like reading. If I could go back in time I would take this class again.

I was really interested on the reading of From the green Berets to America’s Army: Video-games as a vehicle for political propaganda. I would like to know more about other specific medium that has persuasive effect on people to benefit the government. Media in general has the purpose of persuasion but specific studies mentioned on this reading really interested me. I want to find out more of the exact impact certain media has on people. What it makes them do or think.

This is Emo was the best reading of all semester by far. When I first read the “no woman will ever satisfy me” part, I was like… What? Then I kept reading and as I went on it was as if someone would start turning the light on in my brain. It was like an epiphany, and I was little disappointed of myself. How come I didn’t realize this before? I had been leaving a fake life! Unconscoiously trying to live like actors live in movies! Why on earth had I been doing this for so long? Even when I was a little girl, most of the games I played were based on imitating Disney princess movies (where I used to be the princess, obviously). After reading this I opened a new window to different way of seeing the world; however, I decided I enjoy living a fake life. I am happy thinking my life is a movie. I often think of it as if I really was in a movie, do it’s fine with me. My life is the coolest movie ever.

On the other side of the road, you can find the worst reading of all semester by far. Ok, maybe not the worst but the one I didn’t enjoy. The Precession of Simulacra was really hard for me. I had to read it more than once to understand it and I don’t even think I get it yet. I can’t say much about it because I seriously find it hard to read. The point I got out of it (and the only clear point I have in my notes) is: “Simulacrum pretends to be a copy of the original but it really is a copy with no original.” What get from this reminds me to the This is Emo reading. Where most of human reality is based on the things we see in the media (movies, radio, book, advertisements etc…).

Overall I enjoyed class. I will recommend it.

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