This class has been so much fun to take! Coming from the Naval Academy where a communication major seizes to exist, this class has been so different from anything that I have ever taken. I constantly find myself carefully examining text, movies, tv shows, even comics now that I have taken this course!!! I have definitely become a “media interpreter” in it’s simplest form.

I personally have enjoyed talking about Star Wars and the post apocalyptic age the most during the course of this class. The two books that we read this semester, Y: The Last Man and Understanding Comics, are the two readings that I had the most fun reading. Both of these texts kept my interest throughout its entirety (something that is hard to do) and both texts were easy to understand. I enjoyed Y: The Last Man so much so that I am planning to finish the entire series, found on this link, when I have some down time!

There were two readings that were particularly dreadful for me this semester: everything by Baudrillard and Bernard Dick’s Anatomy of a Film. Both of these readings were very boring for me to read and lost my attention pretty much upon reading the first paragraph. Dick’s writing is very bland because the topic he is writing about is a very cut and dry one. Baudrillard, as I believe most of the class will agree, was extremely hard to understand. The diction that he uses was difficult for us post-modernists to comprehend. A passage from Dick’s “Film, space and image” that I did find minimal interest in, however, is when he is describing the way that film shots are taken in order to maximize a specific effect that the producer wishes to portray to the audience. He describes a low- angle shot as making “the subject look larger than it is” which “suggests dominance or power.” Now when I watch any type of film, I am constantly reading into why the picture was shot at a specific angle, or the underlying message for the type of frame that was used.

I would like to bring a close to our class on Monday by further discussing Disney, and how they are rumored to put sexual innuendos in each of their children animations. This is a rumor that I have heard over the years and have done some minimal research on my own but have never first hand recognized such innuendos while watching a Disney movie.

One Disney film that is said to have many subliminal sexual innuendos and images is The Little Mermaid.On the image seen to the right, The gold castle behind Ariel looks like a regular castle from a distance, but if you zoom in towards the upper middle of it, there is what looks to be a penis outline just chillin’ there. Personally, I think this is hilarious and I want to know if anyone else has heard of this rumor, and if anyone has actually witnessed it for themselves!

The Little Mermaid’s penis

Moving forward to next semester, I have recently decided to quit my Business minor, and instead study Pre-Med. 2012 is going to be a terribly hard academic year for me (assuming the Mayan apocalyptic theory is incorrect) but I am totally ready to take on the challenges of organic chemistry and modern algebra. I wish I had more time in my schedule to take another communications class, but it’s just not how the cookie crumbles sometimes…

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