How is it already December?

I don’t know how it’s already December.  Time must have passed at the same speed as it always does, because there is no other option than that.  It’s just our perception of time that changes on an almost daily basis.  Some days seem to go by quickly, others slowly; some weeks are torturous that last a lifetime, others are joyous that swallow us up and pass us by too quickly for comfort.  This semester has been one of those that passed me by too quickly for comfort.  It has certainly been busy, but it seems like just a few weeks ago we were in Media Interpretation  & Criticism discussing the first Chuck Klosterman article.  

For our last day of class, I think I would like to continue to discuss postmodernism.  It’s a topic that I receive very little education and exposure to.  Furthermore, discussing it and video games such as SecondLife and The Sims can hopefully provide me with some ideas and assistance for my video game research paper.  I also enjoyed learning about the history of countercultural movements in other nations, despite how depressing it was learning that the government suppressed each one.  Along those same lines, it’s been entertaining to find out about things in other cultures, such as the difference in toilets, the urinal game, and so on.  I think the postmodernism topic has been one of my favorite in this class, but truthfully there are so many to choose from that I doubt I can choose just one favorite.  I very much enjoyed this class and I feel that it was one of the more entertaining and thought-provoking I’ve ever taken at Trinity.  It’s sad to watch it end.

I love Taylor Swift. Seriously, I do. But her songs, embedded in nearly every female's head, make standards for us poor suitors impossibly high.

Part of what made this class so good was the readings.  Most reading I do at school are boring, dry, and dull.  Lots of our readings I found to be informative, interesting, and entertaining.  My favorite was really any of the Chuck Klosterman readings.  He writes with such raw wittiness and humor that I found myself laughing repeatedly (oh gosh I’m gushing aren’t I?) while reading my favorite, This is Emo.  This was my favorite because it mimicked a number of my own thoughts and seemed to present it perfectly.  Media such as  music, movies, television, and books have made it so much more difficult for men to be appealing and attractive.  We’ve got such strong competition now, and not just each other.  Every girl seems to say “it would be so cute if you said what Robert Pattinson did in Twilight.”  As if I want to quote a vampire in Twilight?

My least favorite reading this semester was the Baudrillard reading, Precession of Simulacrae.  I know, shocking, but coming in second close behind was the Danesi reading on semiotics and communication through signs.  Baudrillard resembled those pesky college readings that I am used to: dry, dense, slow, and difficult to get through (not to mention how pessimistic it was).  After a second time going through it, I stumbled across a portion that I found intriguing.  It is, unsurprisingly, the conclusion.  It may be that I was just happy to get to the end of this reading, or that it was presented in far simpler terms that weren’t found in the previous pages.  Baudrillard literally advises the reader to organize a fake hold-up in order to prove that even when attempting the most foolproof of simulations, reality will always “devour every attempt at simulation.”  This part interests me because even with how surrounded we are by simulations, it helped me realize that reality still remains underneath it all.  Despite how everything may seem, it is important to dig deeper and this part reminded me that we are all human at the bottom of it all.  I think that is a very important thing to remember sometimes.

So, we’re already dealing with next semester.  Stressful registration has come and gone, class schedules have been made.  We dread the finals in the weeks ahead, and I know many of us will dread the semester ahead.  Luckily for me, I’m not one of them.  After taking 18 hours this semester, I’m taking a lighter load for Spring 2012.  I joined the education program and so I am taking some courses in that department, hoping that a career in high school history teaching may be in my future.  I’m hoping to study abroad in Italy in the summer for six weeks.  In addition to that, I look forward to the Euro 2012 soccer tournament, going home for Christmas for a month, snowboarding in Park City, seeing and spending quality time with family, and seeing Sherlock Holmes 2.  So, this is it.  Farewell, Media Interpretation and Criticism.  I enjoyed your company, I hope you enjoyed mine.  Those 10:45 A.M. wake-ups will be missed next semester.

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