The Beginning of the End…

I can’t believe the semester is already coming to a close. It seems like yesterday that I was first stepping onto the campus and trying to fathom what the next four years of my life might be like. Although I still do not know exactly what the next three and a half years have in store for me, I do have somewhat of an idea now that I have completed a semester (almost!). This class, along with some others, proved to me that college was doable and could actually be fun if looked at from the right perspective. Many of the assignments were very illuminating and required a usage of part of the brain that was practically untouched prior to this. There was a creative aspect of this class that is hard to come by in most classes.

Although I liked the overall class, there were some parts and some specific readings that I did not enjoy. I did not really enjoy the first project very much. Although I find advertising quite fascinating, and believe it is important in nearly everybody’s life, I found the project to be extremely difficult and time consuming. I had no prior experience with photoshop and continued to run into problems. I could not express my ideas very well because of my experience with technology or lack thereof, and I could not express my ideas through illustration because I do not have that skill either. There were also a few readings that I found particularly frustrating. In general, I hated the Baudrillard readings. I found his work to be extremely confusing and backwards. He often made extreme claims that I found counterintuitive and would then base his whole work on these claims. For example, Baudrillard’s article titled, The Spirit of Terrorism, Baudrillard claims that “everyone without exception has dreamt of it [the attack of the World Trade Center].” Although this claim is interesting, it is a horrible thing to claim. How can someone seriously make this claim? It is these sorts of claims that have made me dislike Baudrillard and his works.

Throughout the semester, I enjoyed many of the readings. I found Klosterman to be very fun to read, and was quite humorous if nothing else. Although most of the class has likely forgotten about our very first article of the class, my favorite reading of the semester was How To Become A Cult Leader. I really enjoyed this reading primarily because it allowed me to think of something I had never thought of before, and something I found very interesting. Cults are very fascinating to me because it is hard to imagine how one person could take advantage of such a large number of intelligent, rational, human beings. This reading was very illuminating because it explained the techniques that cult leaders utilize to brainwash their members and make them do their every bidding, which I had never thought of before.

I am quite excited for my future here at Trinity and beyond. Assuming that the apocalyptic Mayan predictions are false, I envision a bright future for myself, hopefully doing things I love with people I love. Like I said, I am unsure exactly what my next three and a half years will be like, but I am sure that I will learn a bunch and eventually find a field that I am truly passionate about. From there, I hope to make a career out of that field.

Because I am still undecided on my major, I plan to take a complete smorgasbord of classes as I did this first semester. I have really enjoyed my geology class this semester, and plan on continuing in that field with an oceanography course next semester. I am not sure if this will turn into a major, or just a simple hobby, but I can say this is the first time I

Geologist in the field

have ever been truly interested in learning, and it feels great. In addition to my oceanography course, I am enrolled in microeconomics, intro to anthropology, environmental ethics, and a writing workshop. I hope at least one of these new fields will captivate me as geology has this semester. Thank you so much for a great course and developing parts of my brain that were relatively untapped before!

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