The End Is Near

This past semester was a whirl wind! It went by crazy fast. This class made me realize that college is manageable and can also be fun and enjoyable. A topic I would like to discuss further on Monday is manipulative media. I was really interested in that as I read about the laugh tracks, however I feel like it was rarely discussed in class. It would be cool to investigate in other manipulation techniques media uses.

I loved the “Do Good: How Designers Can Change The World” article by Berman. It really opened my eyes to see the magnitude media has on the entire world population. It was also very fascinating to see what symbols were consistently the same throughout the entire universe. The Coca Cola sign is pretty darn popular around the universe and really well know among other cultures.

The Coca Cola symbol is known world wide.

I HATED the 9/11 article “Spirit of Terrorism” by Baudrillard. Not only did I hate it because I could barely understand it, but once I did understand it the message was horrible. He said that we, American citizens, secretly wanted the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to happen. That is ridiculous and insulting. Just because people like seeing huge crashes and people dying in movies doesn’t mean people would like to see that in real life. One of the main reasons people go to thriller action movies is because they know its fake and probably wont ever happen in real life. I think it’s and interesting take on the attacks of 9/11 however he is very wrong in my point of view.

Next semester I will be taking mostly common curriculum classes. I was very last to register so I pretty much signed up for whatever was open. It was hard just finding twelve hours in order to be considered a full time student. Because of this fiasco, I am currently on tons of wait lists. I couldn’t even get in to a writing workshop class. So my schedule is still up in the air at this moment but I know I want to go into education and political science. however that could change throughout my school career. I don’t really know what is in store for me in the future however I know that Christmas is not too far away and I am really excited about that! I cant wait to go home and spend the holidays with my friends and family.

About amoniaci

I am a Trinity University freshman and enjoy playing volleyball!
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