The end of the beginning!

Wow, one semester gone just like that, and I have to say it was an interesting one.  This class in particular was an extreme positive, mainly because it consistently kept me interested and attentive throughout the many months of strenuous schoolwork.  I took this course because an upper class-man recommended it, and I can honestly say that I have learned a great deal, not just about the media, but about the world in general.  Our daily lectures and readings were very informative and really got me thinking critically about our society.  Not only were they informative, but most were also entertaining.  In an earlier blog post I admitted to never liking comics in the past, but the book Y: The Last Man really intrigued me.  Not only was it entertaining to read, but it also was funny, witty, and even “over-the-top” in a lot of regards, which I liked.  This would have to be my favorite reading of the course.       On the other side of the spectrum, the reading I seemed to have the most problems with was the Baudrillard article entitled The Spirit of Terrorism.  To be completely honest, I had no clue what was going on or what the dude was talking about.  His word choice flustered me, and when I finished reading it I found that I hadn’t learned anything.  I then proceeded to re-read the article, but to no avail.  Needless to say I was frustrated.  The lengthiness of the article also contributed to my impatience.  Going back to this article now and spending more time looking over it, I have obtained a little more knowledge of the readings.  One thing that I realized when reviewing it is the crazy idea (and bogus one in my opinion) that we as Americans subconsciously wanted the violence of 9/11 to happen, because we are attracted to it.  The war also has sparked a positive reaction among us, and the media was to blame for a lot of this, he said.  While this argument seems utterly ridiculous, I do admit that hearing it put this way is quite interesting.

In class on Monday, I vote that we go in to more detail over the apocalypse, and all of the crazy theories that are related to it.  I found it so amazing that some people really think that this is going to actually go down.  People have a right to believe whatever they choose to believe, but to me it seems almost a form of insanity to go along with this when no evidence backs it up.  If we looked more into the apocalypse subject as a whole I think we

The Apocalypse is a great topic to talk about!

could find some really interesting and entertaining articles, while reverting back to a very important segment of our previous class discussions.

As for next year, I am further pursuing a potential career in the sciences, taking bio 2, introductory chemistry, and a bio lab.  I am also working towards my math requirement by signing up for pre-calculus.  Writing workshop is a required class, and fitness swimming is a physical based class that I have chosen to participate in.  While I am not taking any communication classes next semester, I am very interested and open to the idea of signing up for more in the future, as this one had a very positive impact on my college experience.  I am considering the option of studying abroad my junior year sometime, perhaps in a country of interest to me, such as South Africa.  I have been there once and the wildlife really moved me, and I think it would be perfect for my biology studies.  Who knows what the future will hold, but so long everyone!  Almost one semester down!


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