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For the last time, hello. This will be my last posting to this blog, but do not worry! You can always come back to this blog site and read my posts if you are so inclined.  Anyways, I would like to begin with how interesting I thought this class was. I learned a lot of interesting facts and lessons about the media. I might have heard or learned once of certain topics that were covered in this class but this class allowed me to either deepen my understanding of certain topics or simply allow me to delve into what I already thought was interesting.  Speaking of what interests me the most about this class, I would really like to see more examples of postmodernism.  This is a topic that I find very interesting and we see it everywhere. So, having a full understanding of it will really help I feel. I really enjoy seeing how different types of media incorporate postmodernism. I also love seeing examples of signifiers. I know they are something pretty simple but a lot of things we don’t even notice are signifying certain things.  It is like the example of picturing a morgue. Most of us have not seen a morgue in person but we all have generally the same image. This is because of signifiers. 

This is not a pipe. It represents a pipe. Signifiers are everywhere.

Throughout this course, we have had many readings. These readings have covered many things.  My favorite of all these readings was Y:The Last Man.  I found this to be a very good, interesting, and easy read. I never thought I would like the idea of a comic book but I really enjoyed this one. I liked being able to actually see what I am reading and I really enjoyed the story of the book. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there were some readings that I did not like. The worst of these was The Design Book for Non-designers.  Although this was a very simple and easy read, I really did not like reading it at all. I felt that it was way too simple. It should not take all those pages too describe what it did. The topics and ideas and lessons of the book were interesting and useful, however. I am not saying that it was a complete waste of time. What I am saying is that I think I could have learned the same exact things in a much shorter way. Once I finished the assigned readings from this book, I took a step back and asked myself what I learned. The answer to that question was at most two sentences long… yet I read an entire book to figure that out. Yes, it was a very quick read because of the pictures and examples, but I personally think it was something that most people already knew. However, I will say that if this was the worst reading of the semester then it was not so bad. Overall, I enjoyed the reasings and learned from them or at the very least did not find them torture to read.

As for the upcoming semester and my soon-to-come “real world experience”, I am excited.  It is hard to think that I only have one more semester until I graduate.  It seems that I was just coming in as a freshman. Looking back, I really enjoyed Trinity over the years. I have made some lifelong friends and have made memories that I will never forget. As for my future, I am applying to graduate school for Healthcare Administration.  This is a growing field and I really hope that it will provide me with the opportunities that I need to live a fulfilled life.  Currently, I am double majoring in Neuroscience and Business. I hope this will somewhat prepare me for this future field of study. Next semester, I will be taking a full load of both business and neuro classes.  In addition to this, I will be completing my senior research thesis. It will by no means be a cake walk. I will have to stay on my game which might prove to be challenging due to the little bug called senioritis.

Thank you for this class. I really enjoyed myself both as a senior and just as a student.

About rbuckrei

I am a senior at Trinity University. There I play football and throw track and field. I am majoring in Neuroscience and Business. I plan to get my masters in Health Care Administration.
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