Christmas is so close I can taste it!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas break is my favorite time of year. I find summer break to be entirely too long and all other breaks to be too short. Christmas break is just right. I love the lights and the chocolate and the peppermint and the sweaters and. . .I could go on and on about the things I love about Christmas. I think an interesting topic for Monday’s class might be how media has impacted how we celebrate Christmas in America. Christmas is vastly different from what it was in the early days of the United States and it would be interesting to look at how the portrayal of the holiday seasons in the media has changed over the years.

I think my favorite reading of the semester was probably Evolution and Memes: The Human Brain as a Selective Imitation Device. I found the theory to be very interesting and it really made me think about how ideas spread and change. The concept of memes is something that seemed very applicable to everyday life and an idea that is useful not just in a communication class, but in other subjects as well. As a history major, this theory really intrigued me and got me thinking about how the spread and changing of memes may have impacted historical events.

I think my least favorite reading may have been The Spirit of Terrorism by Baudrillard. I have a hard time believing as Baudrillard put it in regards to horrific acts of terrorism, “At a pinch, we can say that they did it, but we wished for it.” I consider myself an optimist and as such I like to believe that people are generally good. This reading seems pretty outrageous in its claim the people, even subconsciously, are wishing and hoping for such disasters to take place. I could not find anything in this article that I agreed with and it seemed the me that Baudrillard is a little paranoid.

Next semester will be my last as an undergraduate student at Trinity. I will graduate in may with a degree in History and in July I will start the MAT program. I will spend the next school year pursuing my masters in elementary education. In no time at all I will be in a classroom of my own education young minds.

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