Final Thoughts

I honestly have no idea what topics to expand upon in class.   If I had to choose one, I would have to go with the Klosterman article “Ha Ha, she said Ha Ha” about laugh tracks.  I felt that we touched on it, but did not go as deep as the article allowed us to go.  Klosterman, while his writings could be rather humorous, have deeper meanings and understandings than appear on the surface.

My favorite reading this semester was by about the September 11th attacks.  While it was not the lightest hearted reading we had, it definitely was deep.  The underlying meanings and hidden messages in the attacks were eye opening to me and shed light on a new situation.  My least favorite reading was the Genre Film: A Classical Experience.  The material was very dry, which made it difficult to read and comprehend.  In addition, the material itself was not very interesting, which added to the difficulty.

There is no one phrase that sticks out in the A Classical Experience article as a true example of why it is my least favorite article.  If I could, I would cut and paste the entire text into this blog posting but that would not be smart.  However, the author begins to talk about paradoxes in genres of film and that was one of my least favorite parts of this article when I read it.  Overall, it had important information, but the dryness, length, and content made it a difficult read.

My plans for the future are still unknown.  I plan to major in business management and possibly minor in sport marketing.  I will not be traveling abroad during my time at trinity, or I do not plan on it as of now.  In addition to school, I plan to play baseball the next three springs and hopefully help the team win a SCAC championship.

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