I can’t believe my first semester at Trinity is already coming to an end. I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that I moved into Herndon and said goodbye to my parents. I realize college is going to be over before I know it and I need to enjoy every moment of it.

For Monday’s lecture I would like to further talk about video games. I was never a huge video game person since I was not allowed to play them as a child. I feel like I missed out on something and wish I was able to play them. Discussing them in class the other day was interesting to me because this topic is something I know very little about.

My favorite reading this year was The Spirit of Terrorism. Even though it was not a “fun” reading and more of a depressing reading I still found it extremely interesting. I think I enjoyed this reading because it discussed 9/11, which I can relate to because I still remember where I was and what I was doing when the Twin Towers went down.

the New York skyline before 9/11

Recently, my parents visited the 9/11 memorial and said it was absolutely stunning. Through this reading I found that reading about history that I was apart of it so different then reading about something that happened hundreds of years ago.

My least favorite reading of the semester was Precession of Simulacrae by Baudrillard. This reason this was my least favorite reading was because it was extremely difficult to understand and grasp the ideas Baudrillard was trying to get across to his readers. Even after reading it a few times I still felt completely lost which made reading it a horrible experience. I hope to never have to read something similar to Precession of Simulacrae but  most likely I will encounter something similar in another one of my classes.

As a freshman I still have 3 ½ years of college ahead of me. I have yet to really experience what college is about. So far, I love it! When people told me college would be the best years of my life they were not lying. I plan to major in Communication and minor in film studies. I am hoping to be able to study aboard during my junior year studying in either Spain or Australia. My first semester in college was amazing and I can’t wait for the next one.

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