Oh, how time flies!

As I think back on the fall semester, I am just now realizing the wide range of material that we covered in this class.  My time spent here will certainly make a lasting impression.  I recently chose to pursue a communication major and my experience in this class has affirmed my decision.  I only hope the future communication classes that I take will be this much fun (and educational, of course)!  I am a sociology major as well so learning about Freud and psychoanalysis was particularly interesting and relevant to the sociological concepts I’ve studied in the past.  I would hope to discuss this topic further on Monday, as I want to definitely include that approach in my final paper.

I thoroughly enjoyed all our readings over the course of the semester, for the most part, but Klosterman’s style of writing particularly jumped out at me.  He has a way of getting his point across without shoving it down our throats and without sounding boring or uninteresting.  The reading about Tom Cruise was especially entertaining for me because I am a huge movie buff.  I love everything entertainment and I felt like I could actually relate to Klosterman’s reading because I’ve seen the majority of movies that he referred to.  The question he poses, “what is reality?” had the potential to be extremely dense, but, Klosterman avoided this with his modern examples and quick wit. 

Now, here's a reference to Star Wars that I can actually appreciate!

On the other hand, of the readings I didn’t absolutely love, Baudrillard is a no brainer so I’ll switch it up a bit.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Gordon’s reading on Star Wars only because I am not exactly sold on the whole Star Wars phenomenon.  I have grown somewhat of an open mind to it after this class, but the fact that Gordon’s whole argument revolved around this Star Wars comparison wasn’t too convincing for me as a non-conformer.  So, did I take away anything important at all from this reading? Well, maybe one thing.  Finally, at the end, Gordon says, “we desperately need a renewal of faith in ourselves as Americans…” and while I may not agree with his points in general, I can at least see the truth in this one statement.  It goes back to what we’ve said about society being full of skeptics and pessimists after the wars and 9/11.  But, we have to learn to take a leap of faith because history doesn’t always repeat itself.   

I will take everything I’ve learned and carry it with me into the following semester and beyond.  I plan to take both media writing and media audiences as I work towards completing the communication major.  I will continue to take sociology electives in addition to a business class which I hope will provide me with even more relevant skills.  The next step will be a summer internship and then before I know it, I will be a senior.  Oh, how time flies!

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