Where Has College Gone?!

I can’t believe it is December.  For me, this means I am only one semester away from being a senior in college.  I remember seeing the older siblings of my friends going through this stage and thinking that they were old.  Now, as I stand in their shoes, I still feel too young to take on the responsibility that is expected of me.  However, in a strange way, this class has taught me many things that I believe will help on my journey to becoming an adult.

The Klosterman reading we had about laugh tracks was the first truly funny reading I have had at Trinity.  While I liked reading about Klosterman’s view on laugh tracks, what really struck me is what he says.  Klosterman says what he wants and loves doing it.  In college, students feel this insane amount of pressure to pick the perfect major, do all of the best activities and get 4.0 GPA.  Throughout my years I too have felt that insane pressure. In my opinion, Klosterman shows us through all his essays that we don’t have to have the perfect life (his essay This Is Emo anyone?) in order to be successful.  Klosterman is famous and an amazing writer but he doesn’t have a PhD.  He just goes to show that if you pursue your passion, than can make your life whatever you want.

Another important life lesson I have learned from this class is that the readings you hate will come back to haunt you.  The first time I read Baudrillard I wanted to throw the computer across the room.  I seriously dislike readings that try to tell me how some tiny aspect of our lives makes us robots that Disneyworld tries to control in some insane way (that is the message I got from Baudrillard…).  However, Dr. Delwiche said that he read Baurillard in school and disliked it as well but that now, he understands the material and what Baudrillard is trying to convey.  While I feel that will never want to understand Baudrillard, I realize that getting a liberal arts education and being exposed to these insane readings will help me in the future.  I never dreamed of taking an Art History class but now I see the paintings I studied in at least two classes a semester.  Being exposed to crazy Disneyland theories has made me more well rounded, whether I like it or not.

The true description about college.

Mondays class marks the end of my experience in the Communication department.  As a last hurrah, I would like to study the Freud psychoanalysis again because it is fun and interesting (plus it will be a good review for my Psychology final!).  As an Economics major and pre-med student, it is highly unlikely that I will get the opportunity to take another Communication course.  I thought I was going to be an economic analyst in my future, but in my internship in Madrid this summer I realized that analyst work was really not for me.  After going on rounds with my Dad as a kid and watching him do surgery (and realizing that I actually like science and math), I decided this semester to do pre-med.  Next semester I take another round of weed out courses (Organic Chemistry wooo!) and try to study hard to get the coveted “A” in a pre-med requirement course.  Scary as it is realizing that I will someday be a doctor, I am comforted by the fact that I have many people around me who care and can guide me.  These include my professors who are awesome (a side note, I love it when professors say hi outside of class.  To me it shows they recognize you as a hardworking student.), my parents who always listen and give the best advice and my friends who I can always count on to complain about school with me and be there with me when we need to let lose.  Without the support of the Trinity community, I would not be the hardworking, dedicated person I am today.

So finally, I say adios Comm 2302.  You were the best common curriculum decision I have made and one of the most fun classes I have taken.

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