I cannot believe that it is the last day of class! It seems like just yesterday I was reading over the syllabus for the first time, absolutely dreading the video project. But I survived the creativity and made it to the end for one last blog posting! As for Monday, I would love to learn what the extra credit assignments throughout the semester were. I never spent a lot of time looking, but I am very curious.

I am excited for him to come next semester!

I greatly enjoyed Klosterman’s work, but particularly Haha, He Saidbecause it made me really think about our society. Before that reading, I had no idea that I put “haha” into so many of my texts, not because I was laughing, but to show the other person that I understood the humor in the situation. I also never realized how the laugh tracks on old sitcoms affected my viewing experience.

I’m sure I am not alone when I say that Baudrillard was my least favorite reading. Most readings were so enjoyable that I moved through them with ease, but this was brutal. Looking back, after in class discussions and a quick skim, I think I understand more of what he was saying. It is actually kind of fun to ponder the concept of what is real, and if I care about finding the truth about it. This is a question that could be chewed over for years, which is perhaps why Baudrillard is still relevant.

Next semester will be my last semester as an undergrad. I worked hard on my major so I was able to design a schedule of easy common curriculum and electives. I will also (hopefully) have an internship at a facility that trains children with autism, my career of choice (here is a Wikipedia article about it). If that doesn’t work out, I will spend that time working in the Children’s Research Lab on campus. But most importantly I will spend next semester frantically trying to find a job so I can work for a year or so to save up for graduate school. I will miss this class, and am so glad I took it!


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