A fond farewell

It’s the last blog post, a short but sweet one.  I wish we had taken some time to examine not just social memes, but internet memes as well, such as Courage Wolf or trolling. Some of the trends with them and how

Courage Wolf, A popular internet meme. Hope it inspires you for your upcoming finals

they have moved from just internet to social memes with a different meaning than what they did on the internet. I also really enjoyed post modernism. The last few days of class have been pretty cool and interesting and I would not mind continuing along that route.

My least favorite reading was the reading by Rogin. It barely beat the Shaviro reading, but Shaviro had Walt Disney in a cryogenic chamber, and this one did not. I did not like the article because I did not see the argument of the article. I thought Rogin presented some really good evidence for some small arguments, but when I got to the end I was like, “……………………..wait, that’s it?”

That kind of answered the third question, but I want to be a little more specific. I did not understand the overarching argument of the piece. I understood and liked all of the small symbolic meanings, and I think the evidence is quite good. But I never felt like it mounted to anything. I felt like even though this was the beginning of the chapter, it started mid argument, and the chapter had been started a few pages before. It starts with, “The invasion of the body politic that has pulverized human bodies reaches half its twin climax through Russell, the other half through the team of Arican-American and Jew.” I have no idea how we got onto “body politics” or what that might even be. Who the heck is Russel, the African-American, and the Jew. I know who they are because I have seen the movie, but I did not even know this was about Independence Day until the second sentence.

My favorite reading of the semester was the Klosterman reading on laugh tracks. I really liked how it brings up the kuleshov effect without actually saying it. It has really made me analyze how movies and tv shows do things like add music and laugh tracks to try and make me feel certain emotions. My best friend pointed this out after I talked to him about this, you should really watch the big bang theory without the laugh track, its not funny unless the show is telling you that its funny. I did this and he was pretty right. It was noticeably less humorous. In defense of The Big Bang Theory, which is awesome, I tend to think most of the funny jokes are the ones that most people do not understand. I’m a physics minor, math minor, and engineering major and think all of the science-y jokes are funny beyond the fact that it sounds mystifying, which is what the laugh tracks want you to laugh at.

My plans for next semester are pretty extensive. I am taking 22 hours worth of courses, possible 25, at two different schools. 3(or maybe 6) at UTSA and 19 at trinity. I will be going to graduate school after I graduate in May and from there on who knows. I hope to move westward for a while and experience that area before I get trapped in the northeast, where all automotive people tend to live. Otherwise I cant wait for the end of the semester. Christmas time is my favorite time of the year!

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