All good things must come to an end…

I am so glad that I took this class. It was originally just to get a common curriculum out of the way, but I am now considering minoring in Communication. The work we did in the class, the papers and video project, were a lot of fun and I feel that I have learned a substantial amount of information on media from this course. I really liked learning about postmodernism, even though we had to skim through it a little fast these past few classes. Also, I liked when we discussed about apocalypses because it was a topic that I was not very informed about.

Psycho; Extreme close up during the shower scene.

My favorite reading was Film, Space, and Image by B. Dick. You can read this interesting reading again here. I really liked how Dick was able to elaborate on the different film shots and transitions while linking in direct examples from different movies. It was also very useful in my assignments. I really liked how he discussed the extreme close up shot and mentioned the shower scene in Psycho (Hitchcock). He referenced that an extreme close up shot was used during this scene to dramatize the killing. My least favorite reading was Baudrillard’s Spirit of Terrorism because it was confusing and not very interesting. I tried to skim over the article again, but I am still left in confusion. I would elaborate on something that stuck out to me, but nothing did.

During registration for spring semester, I was given one of the last times. I was able to register for most of my preferred classes, but I was unable to get into Mass Media. I was really looking forward to another Communication class because I am really considering it as a minor. I am taking a few classes for my business major and hope to pursue an emphasis in marketing and finance. I would love to study abroad a few times, however, I do not like the idea of being away for a whole semester! I do know that I will definitely be taking advantage of Trinity’s study abroad offers though.


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