Another Common Curriculum Class Down. Yay?

The experience of reading Baudrillard

One of the perks about going to school at Trinity University is the knowledge you learn about a variety of subjects. The extra common curriculum classes attempt to make you a “well rounded” individual. While I hate taking extra classes, I will agree most of them are beneficial and somewhat interesting. The only class I truly regret taking is… Physical Geology Lab. All that class taught me was how to look at rocks and kill conversations. I believe one of the most interesting and beneficial classes was Media Interpretation and Criticism. Going into the class I thought the class was going to be a class similar to mass media. Mass Media was mildly interesting but nothing I truly enjoyed. Media Interpretation turned out to be very interesting. Before the class, I always watched movies purely for entertainment. I never looked for intentional moves by the director or subtle references. Media Interpretation opened my eyes to many new concepts and ideas. It made me more aware of some media’s intentions and a tad more pessimistic towards media; However, I don’t feel this is a bad thing.

The new ideas were presented though the class readings.  As a whole, I enjoyed the readings. They reinforced the ideas presented in class and shared some others ideas that the class did not cover.  My favorite reading of the year was “This is Emo” by Klosterman. I enjoyed this reading because I fully believe his ideas are true. In fact, they have explained why events occurred in my life. The only idea he presented that I feel comfortable blogging about is “silence shouldn’t always have meaning”. Movies have created the idea that silence always means something. But, I agree with Klosterman that silence should not always be viewed as meaningful. There are times where I just want to  watch sports but someone ruins this experience by talking because they feel it is awkward. My opinion is “it is only awkward if you make it” and it is only meaningful if you are actively pursing meaning. I fully agree with the major ideas presented in this excerpt. Klosterman’s writing style allowed me to connect the ideas to my life. The only thing I disagreed with was the idea that Coldplay sucks. Coldplay is a great band and “Yellow” is a classic! (link to the music video)

My least favorite reading was Precession of Simulacrae by Baudrillard. I believe that he presented many good ideas. In fact, I don’t disagree with anything that he said. What I hated was his writing style. He put me to sleep time and made me want to stop reading. He wrote about ideas for many pages that would have been better said as a bullet point. He confused me as a reader, while trying to make a fundamental point. The other “reality” articles did a much better job in revealing their similar ideas. An idea that I found useful in his article was Disneyland exists to make us believe the rest of the world is real. Disneyland makes it ok to whistle while you work, wish upon a star, or any other famous saying Disney has created. Disneyland has slowly integrated itself in many aspects of our life. Baudrillard has many good ideas throughout his articles but ruined them through his writing style.

For the remaining two and a half years, I will be primarily taking business classes. I am an accounting and finance major and have a tight class schedule for the rest of my time at Trinity. In the spring of my senior year, I am getting a part-time internship at a major accounting firm. Afterwards, I might attend UNLV for my super senior year before I have to enter the real world as an accountant. My school choice may change because I only chose UNLV for the gambling (part-time job?) Not much is planned for my life and I am just going to go with the flow. Tomorrow for class I would like to go over how the common media themes are present in television shows. Themes could range from postmodernism to ideas to common symbols.

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