As Christmas Crawls Closer

The lights go up, the hot chocolate comes out, and we are all in our rooms studying. Finals are coming around the corner and theres nothing to do but study. This semester has been great, a memory for sure. Theres nothing more fun than experiencing your first semester in college. The classes you take, the topics you cover, and the conversations you hold are all unforgettable. As I sit here remembering all of the topics we covered, there is one that remains stuck in my mind. One thing I would like to discuss on monday, or possibly review, would have to be the topic on the Apocalypse. Apocalyptic features and plots in films such as The Road, or 2012 never fail to entertain me.

The readings issued over the semester were all very interesting, but only one of those readings I thought I could use in the future. That reading consists of many different film strategies. I love to film and edit random things and these strategies help me construct a powerful and moving film. Thats why the trailer mash up project was one of my favorite activities we’ve done the entire semester. Now, another not so fun reading that I can strictly remember has to be Baudriuard’s writing about Disneyworld. One reason is because Baudriuard’s reading are sometimes difficult to read and usually leave me confused. Thats not the only reason I didn’t like Baudriuards writings, he managed to transform a fun, innocent, and joyful children’s amusement park into an inhumane, bleak take on the reality of our society.

Im very much so looking forward to next semester. Although I know it wont get any easier, I will still appreciate the experience I get from my future courses. I would love to take more courses from the communication department, but my advisor says it’d be better if I get more of my common curriculum courses out of the way. Im planning on taking statistics, philosophy, spanish, mass media, and writing workshop. I definitely consider study abroad to be a very beneficial opportunity, and I am sure I will partake in the opportunity in the future. I would love to study abroad somewhere in South America, somewhere i’ve dreamt of going for years. Though I love movies and books about the Apocalypse and 2012, I am not a believer of the world coming to an end on December 21st, 2012. Thats why I continue to work hard and explore my habits, because I know ill be enjoying those habits in the future. I’ve interned at the number one TV news station in Orlando Florida during summer for the past two years, so hopefully I can branch out and maybe find myself working at a news station.

About jcollmann

I am a first year student at Trinity University. I am looking to major in the Communications department. I like sports, video games, and hanging out with friends.
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