Au Revoir mes amies!

The end of the semester. The time we all look forward to and dread simultaneously due to projects, papers, and final grades. It is a time to reflect on our past semester, the academics, extra curriculums, bad decisions, good decisions, and stories we will be able to tell for years to come. Or at least, that is what we all hope for.

Through out this semester we have had numerous readings. Some i liked, and some I did not like, but I cannot claim that even my least favorite articles were not interesting. My favorite was definitely Chuck Klosterman (which saddens me since I will not be able to hear him speak next semester). I loved the article “This is Emo” because it not only made me laugh out loud in the library (which is always an awkward situation, but in this case it was totally worth it) but it also said so much about our culture and society and how it is portrayed through media. Even though everyone recognizes the unattainability of romance in media, we all still secretly want it.

My least favorite was the Baudrillard article “Precession of Simulacra,” which probably comes as no surprise considering it was the most dense reading of the semester. Yet, especially as a fan of Disney, I loved the part about Disneyland. I have visited Disneyland countless amounts of times since I live thirty minutes away from the amusement park. Baudrillard portrayed Disneyland differently and showed how even something as whimsical and good-natured could say so much more about our society. While I will still visit Disneyland and buy a five dollar churro and wait one hour in line for space mountain, it is articles like this one that shows how your view can be altered ever so slightly. Furthermore, this alteration will change your perception of the world, making you more open-minded and well rounded.

I will be here!

Next semester I will be leaving the good ol’ U.S.A and heading to Brussels for the remainder of my junior year.I will have a diet consisting of waffles and chocolate (I assume) and hopefully traveling to as many countries as my wallet will allow. I will continue Communication studies, taking classes such as Scriptwriting and International Communications, but will also try to improve my french skills. While I will miss Trinity dearly, I am also looking forward to the adventures I have awaiting me. So (as the french would say) Au Revoir!

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