It’s the end of the year, Christmas time is here

It’s hard to believe that another semester is almost in the books, this year has flown by. Media Interpretation and Criticism is the first communicationclass that I have taken at Trinity and we have covered a number of interesting topics. For Monday’s class, I would like to discuss Post-Modernism further especially in relation to the assassination of RFK

Robert F. Kennedy

and MLK. For some odd reason, I find this point in hisory, the Kennedy family, and MLK’s assassination to be fascinating and their work to be inspiring. I never really thought of the connection between the degradation of modern thought and subsequent shift to post-modernism in response to these particular events, so this adds another layer to the discussion.

My least favorite reading this semester was probably the Baudrillard reading, The Spirit of Terrorism. To be frank, it seems to me that Baudrillard is talking out of his butt half the time, and the other half he is simply trying to incite a riot. The overly dense writing format and condescending undertones, as if he has it all figured out, tend to make his basic points seem abstract and complicated. This being said, after thinking about the reading and the class discussions on post-modern thinking, Baudrillard says a few things that I find very interesting. Most notably Baudrillard describes the terrorist attacks of 9/11 on the surface that “we can say that they did it, but we wished for it.” At first glance, I say bollocks, there is no way that we wished for it. But I think Baudrillard hits on a major point of human nature and society here, maybe we did wish for it, maybe it really was an inevitable response to the evolution of our society. I guess we will never really know, and that’s why I enjoy the speculation, because it is interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on the subject matter.

As for my favorite readings, I would probably narrow it down to “This is Emo” by Chuck Klosterman. I really enjoy Chuck Klosterman’s writing style and sense of humor; this reading combines these factors with an interesting, and often overshadowed topic in a very unique way. I love the way that Klosterman breaks down Hollywood films and analyzes them past their immediate connotation, to their effect on society as a whole. To me, it is a no-brainer that many of these love stories are completely fictitious. What I often look beyond though is the conscious fairy tales that people accept when they’re 26, and what this maybe says about human nature, or maybe just our education system (just kidding).

Looking forward to the future definitely puts things in perspective for me. Next semester I will be taking Advanced Biochemistry and Immunobiology for my major and other classes to completely satisfy my common curriculum requirements. Soccer season is in the fall, so I will be taking part in spring practices as well as studying my life away for a little test some like to call the MCAT and applying to medical school in the summer (yikes). I probably won’t study abroad unfortunately, but I do plan on spending some time in Europe visiting family and maybe taking a 6 week Swedish class in Sweden. I figure it’s about time I actually learn the language that constitutes the other half of my dual-citizenship. Elsewhere on the horizon, I hope to work for either TeachforAmerica or Worldteach for a couple of years after graduation before graduate school.

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