New Horizons

Let me begin by commenting on the fact that I have never once been bored while in this class.The material we cover in class is always new, and the presentation of it is rarely boring. I would have to say that my single favorite reading in the class was the first one about how to become a cult leader. The fact that we can make a set list of ways to become a cult leader that have been proven to work in the past proves hat humans are predictable. We can examine behavior and identify patterns and from those patterns we can alter our own behavior to appeal more to others. To me it wasn’t homework to read this article, it was fun. Had I come across this article during my free time I probably would have to stopped to read it despite it’s length.

You mad Bro? Internet Troll Face Meme

I would have to say my least favorite reading of the semester was Klosterman’s “Troll Face” article. This is not necessarily because the content was poor, but because I was mislead by the title. To understand my meaning of a troll face, I must first explain what an internet troll is. An internet troll is someone who intentionally provokes someone to get mad. The troll generally doesn’t actually care about the matter at hand, all he cares about is getting said person as mad as possible. A troll face is then a cartoon drawing of what people everywhere imagine these internet trolls to look like while they are doing the “trolling”. This article did, however, have the deep question of “What is reality?” If I found out that the world was something like The Matrix and my organs were being harvested to feed robots would I really want to know? Probably not. I’m happy with my reality, even if it isn’t the same reality that someone else has.

As far as next semester goes I’m loading up on more business classes, since that is the major I’m most considering pursuing. However, this class has made me look back and wonder if Communications isn’t also a field for me. I don’t want to miss a potential calling, so I added a Mass Media class to my schedule. After this semester I have been feeling like either Marketing or Public Relations would be a good department for me, and the field of Communications has material to offer me in both. As for studying abroad, I’m hoping that maybe my junior year I can go abroad to Spain to help me learn Spanish. I’ve always wanted to go there, and I feel it would be both fun and educational. Thanks for the great semester!

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