the end is already here? well that was fast!

The last blog posting, well that’s a weird idea to grasp! This semester has had its ups, and

These are some of the many different ways we see media eachday.

like always its downs. Unfortunately life wouldn’t be interesting if it was all positive right? Each and every one of us needs those bumps in the road to pose a challenge to our everyday life and make us realize how valuable time really is. A little of subject but eh, isn’t being off topic what sometimes starts the most interesting conversations? Anyway, Media Interpretation and Criticism has truly opened my eyes to a totally different view on movies, TV shows, and other forms of media and advertisements. Over the course of the semester I have been very happy with the way course material is explained and how I am never left wondering what the meaning or purpose of something is. This is why there are no course-related themes/topics that require further discussion for me.

This semester in Media Interp., my fellow classmates and I were given the opportunity to read Y: The last Man, which by far was my favorite reading. Being the first comic that I had ever read, I was a tad nervous, but that all subsided when I began reading into the interesting and semi-twisted plot. When there is a favorite, most likely there is always a least favorite. My least favorite reading of this semester was Film, Space, and Image, not only because of the copious amount of definitions, but the repetition of information that was common sense. In the other readings given this semester, ideas that I have never heard of, and concepts that seemed foreign to me existed. Not in this reading however. Although it was a very easy reference for many papers because of the definitions, it provided little new information. What was interesting to me though was how in-depth the definitions were about say, a close-up shot, or a high-angle shot. Providing such thorough definitions was interesting, and did provide for a little bit of satisfaction when reading the article. In the coming semester my degree track is changing slightly.

I am switching from Biology, to International Business Management Finance. It is a big switch, but I have come to the realization that I need to explore other options before I settle down and start working towards a career. Ultimately I want to be happy when I am older with what I picked to do at this age, thus, I am taking my time and having a little time for exploration. Since this is an “International” degree, there is a study abroad requirement associate with it. I am planning on studying in either Spain or Italy, and hopefully if all goes well this will happen Fall of my junior year! In the future I can see myself traveling a lot since that is something that I have enjoyed doing with my family as I have grown up. I also see myself getting into collecting cars because I am a supercar enthusiast! Follow the link to see the definition of what a supercar  really is! Hopefully my life will play out how I want it to, and genuine happiness will be achieved! Well that is about all my friends! i wish everyone the best of luck in your future, and it was great meeting each and everyone of you! 🙂

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