The End of a Chapter

Like many of you, I’m very sad for this semester to end. Media Interp is the first communication class I’ve taken here at Trinity, and it will also be my last. I enjoyed every minute of it! I still am shocked on how much material we’ve covered in the class, and that it all relates to everything about Media. (Yet that goes to show that our culture/world is wrapped around Media’s finger.) I’m honestly not sure what I would like to discuss on Monday, because I like the pace our lectures have been at where we’re learning new things every 10 minutes. So let’s learn some more!

My favorite reading of the semester was Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. No, not because it was basically a picture book. It was my favorite because comics, drawings, and short stories are the farthest subjects from my previous knowledge, so I learned a great deal from the book. And not only that, but I loved the way Scott McCloud wrote. I’m not much of a writer, so I can recognize when an author backs off of the confusing  language and takes the time to explain things slowly and efficiently.

Along with 97% of my classmates, my least two favorite reading were by Baudrillard. It comes down to the fact that I simply could not understand it. I recognize that he is very important in some of the things we discuss, but if we all acknowledge he is near impossible to read, why not require a reading that is a “review” on his work, and that may summarize his findings? I didn’t enjoy his Spirit of Terrorism, because he was being offensive to Americans while also making valid points within our culture and 9/11. So it was too close to home. As I took a second look at the reading, he made good points on page seven, that the quote “Even God cannot declare war on Himself” is wrong. Because now, in the West, those that support God become suicidal to die in the highest honor, but to do so would be to kill many innocent people. Thus, these Godly people have turned God on Himself and His message.


This place has so much potential! Why is it abandoned?

My plans for next semester? I hope to pass all my classes so I can graduate on time, IN MAY. I’m taking many Urban Studies classes to complete my degree. They all will be very individual or group research –heavy type classes. I’ll be applying for jobs over Christmas Break, and hopefully getting a job in the Urban Redevelopment field. I’d love to get a job in any progressive city, like Austin, Chicago, or Portland. What I do NOT plan on doing is going to grad school, moving home with my parents, or being jobless and homeless. In light of this semester, I definitely think this class will benefit me in the future, even if its in small conversations with future employers. I can now articulate arguments about most things in the media, and will maybe even be able to quote Baudrillard. Yeah right…

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