This is the End …

Is this class really coming to an end? I wish time had a “slow-down” button! I would love to have more time to further enjoy the pleasures of this course, and of course, have more time to study for finals. But time is a fickle thing and never stays for a second. The “present” is not the past, and the future will soon become the past. However, since we do have a “future” Monday coming up, it would nice to touch more on subtle media techniques. I really enjoyed reading the “Ha ha”, he said, “Ha ha” article by Klosterman and his argument on how laugh tracks are used to manipulate the audience.

Y: The Last Man is a comic book that ties together nicely the course themes of this semester. Specifically, these themes include the apocalypse, post-modernism, American culture, and media concepts like closure.

Perhaps my favorite reading of the semester was Y: The Last Man, written by Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra. Perhaps what is most interesting about this reading is that not only is it a comic book, but it also bridged together many of the themes learned in class, like McCloud’s concept of closure and the overarching apocalyptic theme that was the foundation of this class. More personally, Y: The Last Man was traced the journey of a lone man in a world where all men are virally struck down and feminism gains a great leap forward. As a male, it is quite intriguing seeing patriarchal society being downright flipped on its head. In this sense, not only was Y: The Last Man particularly relevant to the class, but it also was extremely relevant culturally and in a post-modern sense as well. For more information on this comic book, click here.

My least favorite reading of the semester was Baudrillard’s Spirit of Terrorism article simply because it was long, dry, dense, and hard to follow at times. I definitely felt like what was said could’ve been communicated more simply and in lesser words. However, despite my dislike for this particular reading, Baudrillard does make some important arguments. For example, he argued that American culture promotes the consumption of violence in media. As such, it should be no surprise that the terror attacks on 9/11 should excite us and that culture is in part responsible for what happened. While I may disagree with what Baudrillard posits as the true culprit and accomplice of the 9/11 incident, I do believe that he addresses an important problem with American morality, and hence culture, in general.

Next year will be my last semester at Trinity. To be honest, I am a little sad leaving the campus after so many great memories. The courses I will be taking next semester include my Advanced Chemical Principles Lab and some psychology classes to finish off my major. I will also be researching with Dr. Williams in the Neuroscience department, in which I am extremely excited to participate in next semester. After I graduate, I am going to do research for a year at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and then go off to medical school. Some of the experiences that I see on the horizon include traveling the world, finding a compatible spouse, having kids (a boy and a girl preferably), and in general, living out a happy life rich with memories and friendships.

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