Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad!

So this is it, the end of the semester, the end of my second to last semester, nearly the end of my collegiate carer.  What a fitting way to end this semester… by turning in the final blog post almost a day late, I believe they call it the senior slide!  But I digress, it’s time to actually address the topics at hand.  The one topic that I wished we would have covered this morning was more information about how video games can have signifiers and symbols and how they are different than movies or print.  I wish this would have been the case for a selfish reason that I am going to write my final paper on a video game.


Overall my favorite reading of this semester was the Klosterman reading that discussed how what we perceive as real love is actually fake because of people like John Cusack called This is Emo.  I had never really thought of how as a society we compare our relationships to the relationships we on the silver screen or on the television set.  This just really hit me as true when I read this for some reason.  I guess I thought it was really funny and I respond well and remember things that I think are humorous.

So after saying that I really like humorous articles that would logically suggest that my least favorite article that we have read is Precession of Simulacrae by Baudrillard. This is true, I thought that this reading was so incredibly dull, drab, and dense that I honestly don’t remember hardly any of it.  The part about Disney World being the “real” country is still really confusing.  The idea that Disney World is “real” America saying that it is present to make us thing that the rest of the world is real is just really bizarre to me.  Disney World is so different and imaginary that I guess it does make the rest of the world seem more real but it is just a strange concept for me to wrap my head around.  If I had to find something from this reading that was interesting it would be that adults who go to Disney World go to act childish to foster illusions as to their real childishness.  Meaning that adults like to let their inner child run free and express itself which I think is really cool and I hope that I am able to do things like that when I become an adult! haha

Next semester I will be taking all common curriculum classes with the exception of my engineering design course.  I will either be taking 21 hours or I will have to take a summer class, but I will still be able to walk in may!  I’m looking forward to being able to put my new skills to work for six months after I graduate and then the world ending in December 2012.  I hope that everyone has an amazing rest of their college career and good luck with all of your finals. God Bless

About maxmph

I love to do anything outside, I especially love to golf! I enjoy listening to all types of music, catching up on all my favorite television series, and playing an occasional video game.
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