Post it to the Whirlwind!

The conversation around Post-Modernism reeled me in the most. It’s totally complicated, diverse, completely confusing and yet so relevant that one can’t help being pulled in. It was especially fascinating to bring in these myriad perspectives as laid out in class in light of the Occupy Movement happening around the world today. The sense that something enormous is happening around us, presently, as the post-modern global picture was being laid out in class was too exciting. The size of the subject reminded me of the material Baudrillard published in “Spirit of Terrorism,” my favorite essay this year.

The overall range of material covered in his essay is awing. That was my first impression. The way he delineated Good and Evil, as being “irreducible to each other and inextricably interrelated,” gave the discussion around Post-Modernism and Globalization a size, paramount, and daunting.

Super Bau(rd)illard!

It was a good characterization of the often inexpressible ethos of our day, our doomy zeitgeist. Ultimately, it gave me a starting point through which to re-begin my thinking about the entire 9/11 conversation.

My least fascinating read of the semester may have been Bernard Dick’s “Film, Spance and Image” excerpt from Anatomy of Film. The technical jargon turned me off. However, it is cool to be able to speak quasi-intelligently about shot dynamics and cuts. His essay was my introduction to any form of film technicalities. I found it fascinating the way, in speaking about the subjective camera, the camera and its movements were personified. It made me hyper-aware of the subjective camera shots I found in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the film I chose to do my video project over. The subjective camera really does a number on its viewers.

Next semester, I’m going to kick it in gear! and stop turning in blog assignments two days late! I’m most excited about taking Shakespeare. And least excited about taking a Physical Geology Lab, the word “Lab” makes me shutter. For the future…. um…. the future…. I see… a… hang on, I’ll be right back.

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