Stay classy…

Wow! The semester flew by, which I guess is never really a surprise since it happens every semester, but again my feelings are the same; glad but also sadden by the fact there is so much more to learn in this course. The course overall never seem to bore at any point in time. There was always a high point in class in which the professor made us laugh. He kept up on our feet. Most recently our talks about Post-Modernism really drew my attention. This isn’t because it is topic I can relate to, but a topic in which will be different in the future. We are learning about our recent past and our future. There will be the same themes, but I would to love back 10 years from now, and to see how different but also the same things are. These lectures the last couple weeks in class brought in so many different genres from politics, art, to everyday life. This shows us how even though we might be associated with other countries across the world, but they are going through the same hardships and hopefully rising to prosperity.

New Revised Edition of Baudrillard's The Spirit of Terrorism

My least favorite reading throughout the semester had to be the Baudrillard reading titled The Spirit of Terrorism. Let to hold myself back while I analyze this. Reading this over twice again, I take a step back and I believe this is his suicide. This is literally to me, he took everything that America was against and just flipped it. His ideas are so abstract that I get lost in the diction and on top of that it was already dense. Saying this, I have to applaud him to write pages upon pages of provocative ideas that like I said before is putting his life at stack. Some of which were interesting though. He writes, “The fact that we have dreamt of this event, that everyone without exception has dreamt of it – because no one can avoid dreaming of the destruction of any power that has become hegemonic to this degree – is unacceptable to the Western moral conscience.” Talking about 9/11, though we have thought of something similar to this to happen is weird. This seems to go against what he also said that, “We can say that they did it, but we wished for it.” I do not think anyone wishes for this to happen, but rather I think this was expected; not as extreme but some disaster.

It was really difficult picking my favorite reading. I am going to pick our first reading of the semester How to Become a Cult Leader written by Pratkanis and Aronson. Why? I think looking back now this reading was just outrageous. My first assignment was to read how to become a cult leader!?! I knew this class will be great after reading about that! Along with the reading, the lectures that tied into this were interesting. I read about about the cults around the United States, and the stories that the professor told about the cults in California, where he was during this time, gave the lecture more significance. I forgot the deeper message of these lectures, but hey not only did I learn how to make movies in this class but I know how to run a cult now!

Next semester will be just as hectic and exciting. I have continuing to finish up my Biology degree taking Developmental Biology and other courses. I am also taking some Education class since they look really interesting and also it is for common curriculum. I have one more course until I complete the common curriculum which we all know can we a little bit of a pain. Luckily, this course was not! I got some things on my bucketlist that I want to get on soon. After graduation, I want to do PeaceCorps or AmeriCorps. I love to travel, so I want to lots of that. Backpacking throughout Europe has been a goal of mine since forever. I like exploring, tasting new foods, meeting new people and what everything has to offer. Until then, possibly taking some summer classes. Overall, I can not wait for tomorrow’s experiences and what she has to offer.

Good times in COMM 2302…stay classy.


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